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  1. Got the rims of the last 2 wheels polished up this morning so i can get the tyres fitted this afternoon.
    2019-07-17 11.30.11.jpg
  2. Garage are understaffed so gonna be tomorrow when I get the wheels back.
  3. Dropped out of the concours at Tatton as I can't guarantee its gonna be ready. If it is i'll still bring it down and put it on the late bay stand as theres 4 places free still.
    Got this 2 weeks later at Dalemain near Penrith so it might debut there.
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  4. Picked up the last 2 wheels this morning. :)
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  5. Not had the chance to get any more done as i've been doing MOT prep work on my caravelle.
    Exhaust tailpipe and end of silencer now repaired with some 3mm steel and a chunk of scrapyard exhaust pipe.
    2019-07-18 15.27.24.jpg Picture is deceiving. It doesn't actually hang down that low, its just 30mm lower than the silencer. It really needed clocking round a bit more but the rear valance gets in the way. Theres just a fingers width of space.

    2019-07-18 15.27.31.jpg

    Welded up a small hole under the accelerator pedal too. 2019-07-18 15.27.46.jpg
    Made the bit for the step but rain stopped play. Its forecast for the next few days too. :(
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  6. Managed to get this far on the caravelles step before rain stopped play.
    2019-07-19 13.49.23.jpg

    Cut a chunk of carpet to fit round the accelerator cable and pedals. Matches the 1970 originals nicely. :)
    2019-07-19 16.13.17.jpg
    2019-07-19 16.14.08.jpg
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  7. Cut the holes for the seatbelt bolts and handbrake boot on the second section of tunnel carpet. Still waiting for it to dry as i scrubbed a couple of stains off it.
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  8. Got the last few terminals fitted to the engine bay wiring, tightened up the tinware screws, refitted the taper tips with the clamps i modified and bolted the engine onto my test stand. :)
    2019-07-22 15.51.18.jpg Just needs some wires for coil and carb and the HT leads fitting plus some fuel and i can fire it up. :thumbsup:

    Found this sticker in a bag upstairs. No idea where or when its from.
    2019-07-22 16.33.25.jpg
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  9. Stuck the sticker in the back window. Seems its from late 70's/early 80's ish.
    2019-07-24 16.29.44.jpg
    Had a go at cleaning the front seats. Cream cleanser works a treat, though i only had enough for the drivers seat.
    2019-07-24 16.26.53.jpg
    Shame the vinyl has so many holes that need fixing. :( Passengers one has no holes at all.
    2019-07-24 16.27.11.jpg
    2019-07-24 16.27.18.jpg
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  10. Finally got the sunroof back in after it spending the best part of a decade and a half down the side of the wardrobe in the bedroom. Fran never even knew it was there. :rolleyes:
    2019-07-25 16.01.14.jpg
    2019-07-25 16.01.23.jpg
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  11. Got the two pieces of tunnel carpet glued into place today after removing the rear kick panels and seat support bar. Just needs the screw holes drilling for the centre console.
    2019-07-27 15.03.04.jpg
    2019-07-27 15.02.56.jpg

    Sanded and painted one of the 8 spoke replicas.
    2019-07-27 16.08.49.jpg

    Not too bad a finish, though theres a few chips i missed while sanding that could have done with been feathered out more.
    2019-07-27 16.44.42.jpg
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  12. Why is it retro design is better than modern stuff?
    2019-07-27 17.13.36.jpg
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  13. Got another wheel painted this afternoon. Not quite a matching pair but close enough. Stuck my lego valve caps on. :D
    2019-07-28 16.07.50.jpg

    Still missing one of these centre caps.
    2019-07-28 16.10.16.jpg
    Plus the chrome trim off the drivers side front 1/4.
    2019-07-27 16.11.05.jpg
  14. Got myself another deadline to work towards. Booked into local classic car show in 3 weeks time. :) Screenshot_2019-07-29 Microsoft Word - Vehicle entry forms 2019 - vehicle pdf.png
    I think its do-able.

    Fitted the engine bay seal onto the side trays and a section across the removable rear valance once i'd asked which way up it went. Think it needs a small section removing from where it meets the one that runs over the bellhousing though.:thinking:
    2019-07-29 17.13.20.jpg
    2019-07-29 17.13.32.jpg
    2019-07-29 17.09.26.jpg

    Refitted the back seat once i'd drilled a hole through the rear of the floor pan for the 7 core towbar wire to run through. Painted the seat base of the drivers seat to tidy it up a little and the side panel on the frame too.
    Found out the NOS Britax static seatbelts i was going to use have long 16" stalks instead of the 11" ones it should have so they sit at chest height. :(
    Would work OK on a bay i suppose.
    Found a pair of Kangol ones with shorter stalks but one of the release buttons is a bit sticky.

    Still haven't found the passengers side door mirror though.
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  15. The other stalk on the kangol set is broken. Must have dropped something on it. :(
    Not sure if i can use the long stalks and cross them over so drivers side bolts to passengers side of the tunnel and vise versa. Might make them a little shorter. :thinking:

    Received the rubber matting in the post so made the rear footwell pair of mats from it.
    2019-07-30 14.52.07.jpg
    2019-07-30 14.40.33.jpg
    Not too bad and better than £80 for a second hand set.

    Made a template from card and paper for the passengers side.
    2019-07-30 15.52.29.jpg
    Cut it roughly out and will trim it down to size once the rain stops.
    2019-07-30 16.10.46.jpg
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  16. Got the drivers side mat cut to shape this afternoon.
    2019-07-31 14.49.58.jpg
    Needed trimming down a little but seems to fit OK.
    2019-07-31 16.37.22.jpg
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  17. Gave the passengers front seat a bit of a cleanup with cif cream cleanser.
    2019-07-31 15.14.27.jpg
    2019-07-31 15.21.07.jpg

    Backrest could probably do with another going over.
    2019-07-31 16.40.26.jpg
    The static seatbelts i have are frayed where the top mount is so on the lookout for another pair. Hopefully i'll find a set at Tatton.
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  18. Gave the seat frames a coat of gloss black while the sun was out.
    2019-08-01 16.13.20.jpg
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  19. Got the seats back together and slid them onto the cleaned and greased runners. Forgot how close you sit to the steering wheel.
    2019-08-02 16.13.39.jpg
    Still missing one of the big springs from underneath but i know i saw it a week or so ago when i was looking for something else.

    Will be looking for a pair of front inertia reel seatbelts with stalks at Tatton on sunday as all mine have atleast one damaged belt or buckle. :rolleyes:
  20. Tatton was a bust for seatbelts or the chrome trim piece i needed. Loads of rear 1/4 panel bits but no fronts. :(
    Managed to buy a load of rubber bungs, blanking grommets and other little bits n bobs for 25p-50p saving me about £12 though.

    Searched through every box and bag in the garage this afternoon and couldn't find the belts i'd bought years ago. Think they might have been binned by accident when the shed was tidied out a few years back.

    Got the two front wheels fitted this afternoon anyway.
    2019-08-05 14.58.54.jpg

    Still got the two rear wheels to sand and paint.
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