My 1970 bug

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Zebedee, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. That looks a bit better. Still needs a going over with some autosol but it has chrome. :D
    Had to remake the brackets for the stone guard this afternoon as this bumper seems to be 5mm wider than the old brazilian one.
    2019-06-28 11.52.40.jpg
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  2. Big improvement zeb
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  3. Clutch arrived in the post this morning and it even came with the bolts which was a nice suprise.
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  4. Gonna rope fran into helping me fit the kamei spoiler to the bottom of the bumper as I can't hold it in place and mark the holes at the same time.
    It'll be her punishment for dragging me round looking at motability cars today.
  5. Just ordered one of these. Toyota corolla touring sports icon tech. Quite a mouthful but also quite a car.
  6. Got the spoiler and stone guard fitted. Just needs a hole drilled in the bottom of the wing lip to stop it flapping about.
    2019-06-29 16.14.05.jpg
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  7. Engine is now at the right end of the car. Couldn't fit it past with the silencer on as theres not a lot of space in there.
    2019-07-01 14.59.07.jpg

    Gave the towbar a rust curing and a coat of red oxide.
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  8. I didn’t realise how big those spark right modules were
    Your getting closer now zeb keep at it fella
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  9. They're monsters. None of this modern miniaturisation crap. ;)

    Under 5 weeks until Tatton. Really want it MOT'd a week or so before so i can give it a run around and gremlin shoot before the 140 mile run to Tatton.

    Main to do list now:
    Bolt on silencer and clutch, test fire engine, then fit it.
    Paint the wheels, polish the lips and get some tyres fitted.
    Sew up the headliner and fit it.
    Bolt in front seats.
    Make and fit carpet and floor mats.

    Still a few wires missing terminals and other little bits needing finishing up too.
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  10. Had a quick go with the singer to see how easy it'd be to sew headliner rod pockets into the material i bought.
    Didn't turn out too bad and if anything the thread is stronger than the vinyl.
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  11. Gave the towbar a coat of black gloss and attempted to fit the running board on the passengers side only to discover the holes in it on each end are 10mm out.
    Fair bit of filing needed to ovalise the holes so they'll bolt on. :(

    Found two wires hanging loose under the front of the gearbox. Look like they're off the reverse switch but i can't reach the buggers to put them back on without jacking the car up. :rolleyes:
  12. Still needs the bracket for the bumper mounts making as it was missing but i can't do that until the engine is in the car.
    2019-07-02 17.52.33.jpg
  13. Cleaned the black paint off the towbars ID tag as i forgot to mask it up. :rolleyes:
    Still needs a little more of a clean from the looks of it.
    2019-07-03 09.32.58.jpg

    Decided to tap the holes in the silencer to M6 and broke a tap flush in the hole. Spent half an hour with a carbide grinder on a dremel grinding the remains enough to knock it out. :mad:
  14. Finishing touch to the towbar.
    2019-07-03 12.42.13.jpg
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  15. Have you got the brackets for the frame horns and the big u bolts for the tow bar?
    My bug towbar is currently on the van so I have brackets on the shelf you could copy.
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  16. Yep, i've got the ones that go round the frame horns and U bolts, just not the bar that goes between the bumper brackets and down to the towbar. Looks simple enough to make though as i found this piccy online.
  17. Fitted the clutch today after spending half an hour looking for the tool to centralise the plate.
    2019-07-05 14.08.28.jpg
    Silencer went on too.
    2019-07-05 16.09.00.jpg
    Needs the bolts tightening up still but the inlet manifold will need a bit of tweaking to get the bolt holes lined up as they are like this:
    2019-07-05 16.08.40.jpg
    2019-07-05 16.08.44.jpg
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  18. Yep that’s spot on. Just make the drop piece as short as possible without the tow bar catching the silencer. It will catch every speed bump or lump in the road if the bug is lowered or has sagged. I have memories as a kid in the back seat hitting the speed bump at the swimming pool car park hard every time.
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  19. Will need to wait until the engine is back in the car to make the drop support bar.
    Its stock height with gas shocks on the rear so should be rite.

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