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  1. big difference
  2. Much better than before with zero cash spent. :)
    Its never gonna be perfect and theres no way i'm shelling out £150 for new replacements.

    Just the marks on the back seat rest that are bugging me. I think they're definately a burn (or heat mark anyway) from the copper pipes melting the vinyl. Tried sanding the marks with some 320 grit and it made no difference. Will grab a bit of 80 grit off my FIL this afternoon and try that. If it doesn't work i'll just mix some Humbrol enamel up and sponge it on to cover it.

    Theres a 50p sized hole chewed in the side of the drivers seat base too but i think i can repair that with a vinyl repair kit if i can find some vinyl the same colour. Don't really want to spend £30 on a knackered seat just for 2" of vinyl.
  3. spray them with vinyl cote upholestry paint
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  4. Gave the back seat base a clean. Once i'd removed the mouldy seat cover it didn't look too bad.
    Quick clean with cream cleanser on a small part shows the difference.
    2019-02-13 12.59.14.jpg

    Fully cleaned.
    2019-02-13 13.15.02.jpg
    Back in the car for the first time in years and years.
    2019-02-13 13.42.32.jpg
  5. 1 step closer
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  6. Found someone on facebook with some spare matching vinyl so i can fix a couple of holes in the front seat skirts, then they can be put in too.
    Still need to make the headliner though finding a source for this cardboard type trim for round the edge is proving difficult. :(
  7. Arm rests for door panels came up reasonable.
    2019-02-15 15.37.10.jpg
    Found a seat belt for the rear. No idea where the other is.
    2019-02-15 15.53.12.jpg
    Had a go at colour sanding and compounding by hand.
    Front arch flatted with 1500. Needs a bit more work.
    2019-02-15 16.21.25.jpg

    Rear 1/4 after a quick going over with 1500 grit. Probably 1000 grit would have been a better starting point.
    2019-02-15 15.51.52.jpg

    Front valance after 15oo then 2000 then some G3 cutting paste. Not too bad a reflection. Would be easier to see whats what on a darker colour i think.
    2019-02-15 16.05.38.jpg
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  8. Top work looks good:thumbsup:
  9. Time consuming and my hand aches from working with it in cold water but should look OK in the end.
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  10. Not too bad a reflection.
  11. Made a cardboard template for the under bonnet carpet.
    2019-02-18 15.54.59.jpg
    Non matching belts are gonna bug me.
    2019-02-18 16.15.05.jpg
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  12. Sanded the jaffa peel with 1500 then 2000 grit followed by G3 cutting compound. Didn't turn out too bad. Its a better finish (jaffa peel wise) than most new cars anyway so it'll do me.
    2019-02-19 14.51.59.jpg
  13. does look good keep it up
  14. Cheers. It comes up OK with very little effort. Doubt i could do the same with 2K as its a lot harder.

    Doing a panel at a time so it may take a while. Too cold to be working with my hands in water all afternoon.
  15. I was colour sanding when we had that snow. A terrible idea!
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