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  1. Make sure the body of the sender is getting a good earth before it gets hidden:)
  2. Its finding i'm missing bits that i've used on my bay or caravelle thats slowing me down. Spending ages looking for something thats been used on something else. :rolleyes:

    The sender is mounted with a rubber gasket under it.
  3. Rubber gasket keeps fuel in and the five self tappers hold it all together and give an earth path to the tank, the sender won't work without an earth.
    All looks nice and tidy:) Wish my bay looked as good

  4. But the self tapers are the earth :thinking:
  5. So alls good then? ;)
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  6. Inlaws have fooked up my plans yet again.
    I was planning on bringing it down to Stanford Hall in May but they're off on a cruise for the whole month of May so will we will be dog sitting again. :(
  7. So long as the tank earth is good:)
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  8. Tank is earthed through its 4 M8 mounting bolts i assume.
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  9. Bought some waxoyl to do the cavities on the shell with.
    Not looking too hopefull that the cans will fit my schutz gun. Gravitex can had a decent thread on the top, waxoyl one not so much. :rolleyes:
    2018-11-10 16.43.26.jpg
  10. believe me it will
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  11. Your problem isn’t going to be the thread

    There’s no way your going to get waxoyl to atomise at these temperatures
    Especially using a suction cup gun

    If you can warm it enough it will just cough and spit and dribble wax into the cavity’s and it won’t give full coverage

    For cavity wax to work properly and cover all surfaces
    It needs turning into a mist/ vapour that collects and clings to the surfaces the way condensation does.
  12. Its currently 12c outside and 20c in my garage with the heater on.
    It'll get thinned with white spirit, heated in a pan of water on the hob and then it'll sit infront of the garage heater.
    Its only really the bottoms of the doors and rear 1/4s, the lower front bulkhead and heater channels i need to do at the moment as i don't fancy doing it after fitting carpets.

    The other can has a slightly better thread. Not much better to be honest though.
    2018-11-11 10.02.32.jpg
  13. Cleaned out the gravitex can as the waxoyl one wouldn't screw onto my gun as i thought.
    Heated up the waxoyl on the hob in the kitchen until it went clear (well until it looked like tomato soup :p).
    2018-11-12 15.59.05.jpg Didn't smell as bad as i thought it would which is nice as it meant i didn't get a b*****king off Fran.

    Left it sitting in my garage to see how long it'd stay runny in these temperatures. An hour later it was just starting to cool to the point it was thickening up. :thumbsup:
    I seriously doubt it'll take an hour to use a litre of it some how.

    Got all my gear in the garage ready including putting some oil in my compressor as it was off the bottom of the dipstick. Maybe i should have checked it at some point in the last few years. :oops:
    Everything is now ready for having a bash with it tomorrow. Will see how much i get in my hair, up the walls and across the car.
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  14. wear a mask or ye l be coughing like a gooden
  15. I already am. Been fighting off bronchitis for a good few weeks now. :(
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  16. tell me about it , coughing throwing up every day
  17. :(
  18. Found out the extension on my waxoyl gun won't reach further than about 6" down the heater channel forwards of the B pillar and theres no access from the front. :(
  19. drill a couple of holes then plug with rubber grommets for a yearly doseage
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  20. Drilled a hole mid way between the A and B pillars for access both directions. It'll be hidden under the carpet so won't show.
    Warmed the waxoyl back up, decanted it into the cleaned gravitex can (not easy without a funnel) and clad in some protective clothing i headed to the garage. Put the kettle on incase it needed reheating.

    Managed to spray the heater channels, front bulkhead and napoleons hat section plus got some in the bottom of the lower rear 1/4 panels too. Waxoyled the path outside my garage door too as it started to cool and thicken, clogged the pipe a bit then threw a wobbly and squirted everywhere. :rolleyes:

    Got another litre to use on the inside of the A pillars and door bottoms tomorrow.
    Might do the inside the tunnel too if i can get enough access. Extension probe won't reach all the way from the inspection plate between the two front beam torsion tubes to the back of the car and with the handbrake and gearlever in theres no access there either. Gear coupling plate is out but tube isn't long enough to reach far enough forwards either.
    I could remove them both but thats a PITA when i've already adjusted the handbrake and gear lever.

    I found that once the bottle is an inch from the bottom the pickup tube isn't in the liquid so it just sucks the bottle flat. Might see if i have a bit of hose to extend the pickup a little more so i can use the whole can.
    Not as messy a job as i was expecting, though there was a fine mist in the car which will need cleaning off the inside of the windows. [​IMG]
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