Mr Happy's Big Adventure Part Deux

Discussion in 'France' started by the banker, May 25, 2013.

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    Well its that time of year again and we are packed and ready to go on Mr Happy's Big Adventure Part Deux to Brittany and then finishing off back in Normandy. Updates on the Blog as before. So Portsmouth here we come!

  2. Blog update alert!
  3. Well here we are this morning with a cloudless sky ready for the long chug north to Matragny near Bayeux. To be honest if we hadn't already paid for it we would have stayed put at Pors Peron which was a great site. Still 6 hours later we arrived, now sitting with a beer whilst SWMBO cooks tea. Also updated blog! [​IMG]
  4. We are back home! Speedy boarding saw us first on after the hgv's and very first off!. No real trauma other than the fridge relay electronic gizmo developing a fault which meant the fridge pulled power even with the engine off. I remembered to unplug the puck every time except once, fortunately that wasn't on the boat! :)
    Blog update either tonight or tomorrow.

  5. Well we are back, unloaded and back to work (boo hoo!) Final blog updates now done.

    Next stop Camper Jam


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