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  1. Hi all my fuel gauge doesn't work
    I've just put 30 litres in so roughly how many miles would I get?
    1600 type 1

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  3. For my bus , I get around 25mpg - 30 litres is a bit over 6 gallons - so personally I would allow 150 miles max before refilling
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  4. 140 miles, but don't quote me on that !
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  6. Carry a 5 litre can with you. Ask me how I know :rolleyes:
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    If it’s not steel and strapped down I’d not advise that....unless you meant an empty plastic one.
  8. I don't know I just fill up when the gauge reads empty
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  9. 200 miles : 45 litres at 20mpg : going fast over 65 or urban driving
    230 miles : 45 litres at 23 mpg : 50-65 mph.

    The other 10 litres in the tank give you 30-40 miles to find a petrol station.

    Most buses should do better than that.

    Write down mileage and quantity of fuel to brim it in a book. Quite soon after 3 or so fillups you can begin to get an estimate of miles per gallon.
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  10. Cheers Mike

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  11. Get your fuel gauge fixed!
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  12. Where's the fun in that ... ??

    On a run start looking for fuel after 240 km (or 150 miles if you're old fashioned) based on 30 litres being in the tank ...

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    I know too.
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  14. Why not? Plastic cans are perfectly safe
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  15. Not really. With fuel in and heated by the sun fuel will expand and try and escape.... it’s got to go somewhere. They are notoriously known to leak so if it falls over likely to spill.

    Go on... ask me how I know
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    And, hopefully less likely, in a crash everyone in the van might get the good news from a plastic can full of petrol.

    Unless you store em the other side of a steel bulkhead as per pretty much every car ever made.
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  17. You are such a cheerful bugger moony:D
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    Plastic cans are drop tested, not crash tested.

    Would you prefer me to say nothing?
  19. Well contrary to popular belief
    Most of us are capable of making a basic risk assessment
    When it comes to carrying a flammable liquid
    Or even traveling in one of these things in the first place
    That said it did have a bearing on why I sold mine
    And told Not to carry my grandchildren in it
    In today’s crazy world
    And I know that you also like my son in law have a concern of 40 ton trucks crashing into you
    As you have pointed out in other posts if I remember o_O
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    Er.....good to you carry around one around in your imaginary van?
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