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Discussion in 'Photography' started by anna@vwheritage, Nov 4, 2011.

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  2. how do you get images like that at night? Mine always look absolutely pants. I just use a standard camera on auto as I can never figure out which of the 20,000 settings to use
  3. anna@vwheritage

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    Long exposrue on a DSLR witha tripod.

    What camera do you have. I maybe able to help
  4. Even without the fancy lightie things in it the photos and exposures are spot on.
  5. anna@vwheritage

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    Thanks. I find night photography a bit easier than day or macro. Think its because its what i enjoy most and love the results you can get. These were all 30 second exposures.

    Joker can you overide auto settings on your camer if its a little one? Also you will need a tripod
  6. anna@vwheritage

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  8. anna@vwheritage

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    Yeah tripod!!

    These were taken on a tripod settings were

    30 second long exposure
    iso 100

    See if you can overide the ssettings on it and change to these if you get a tripod at night. You do need to alter them slightly depending on how light/dark it is.

    DSLRs have this mode called aperature priority which means i can set the iso and f stop number and the camera will set the shutter speed itself according to the light conditions
  9. How do you get the light domes to look so symmetrical
  10. anna@vwheritage

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    I made a tool that makes them so they are really easy to do when you know how. If you look online there are tutorials about

    I have a blue one too but it jsut doesnt work so well
  12. anna - when we do the ATP photos can we do them by the blue neon bit at the end of maderia drive...

    i love the colour and lighting here ...

  13. anna@vwheritage

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    Yes we can. I headed over that way to do a few testers and see what the shots came out.

    The only problem i had was i coudlnt get the domes to show up under the blue as it was just too light!! also we need to cathc it when they have the lights turned on as ive noticed sometimes they are off.

    We could however use sparlers and fire instead with coloured flash like int he pic below. fire looks awesome agaist the blue if i can get it to come out
  14. yeah - it is a fantastic shot ... love the colours and the atmosphere it creates!

    thats a good place for the shots as its also free parking after 6 ... so could do a few van shots too!
  15. anna@vwheritage

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    sounds like a plan!!! We shall arrange a date for the week after next if thats ok.

    Possibly get the van down and shoot that first :)
  16. yep mon 21st - tue 22nd - wed 23rd!
    currently available on all 3 ...
  17. anna@vwheritage

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    ok cool will drop you an e mail to confirm one :)
  18. anna@vwheritage

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  19. amazing! as always ....
  20. anna@vwheritage

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    I am so hoping its not too windy tomorrow night to get one of these fire spins in behind your bus!!!!

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