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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Coco, Mar 27, 2020.

  1. Hi folks,

    I have a new bottle of Hobby Gas. Unfortunately, when I turn the gas on there is a barely perceptible leak where the regulator is screwed into the top of the bottle. The connection is as tight as I can make it. Any ideas or solutions will be gratefully accepted. :)
  2. Have you PTFE taped it?
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    This. PTFE tape round the threads will sort it. Think like a plumber... :thumbsup:
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  4. That's a slippery slope! :D
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  6. If its the taper type of connector, undo it, clean it, rotate it and try again at a different angle.

    Then go down the nearest pub and blag the loan of a cylinder of CO2 that they wont be using for a bit..
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  7. What not turn up:rolleyes:
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  8. No-will it be okay with this type of gas?
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  9. :eek::)
  10. Thanks Mike-if I can find one open.:)
  11. Aye.
  12. Charge £100 for a call out fee.:cool:
  13. Thanks guys-the tape worked and I no longer have a leak. Unfortunately, there is a problem with the regulator as it won't allow me to adjust the flow rate. A replacement has been ordered.
  14. PTFE tape on gas bottles is a big no no
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  15. I had this and it emptied a hobby bottle overnight. I always take the regulator off after each time I use it.
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  16. Even ptfe tape for gas? As opposed to plumbers stuff.

    As I’ve never had a problem sealing bottles/regulators this way.
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  17. Domestic gas tape is thicker . It’s a major no no to use any tape on gas bottles . They seal on an angled seat . Leak detection spray will show leaks
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    it depends on the bottle and seat type, some are taper ( no tape or sealant) some are flat faced and some still seal on the thread, the type theyre talking about seals on a rubber O ring and most likely that's split or dislodged
  19. Mine doesn't seem to have a O ring. The new one arrived today.
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    stick a picture up

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