MeelisV ´76 - "Turfamaze"

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by MeelisV, Apr 8, 2018.

  1. superb, looks different but that's what owning a bus is about, individuality & the detail is spot on :D
  2. yes
    i dont like "grey metallic diesel" like we say here in Estonia
    it is when your car is boring and ordinary and everybody have same model
    most popular grey metallic diesel cars we have here skoda octavia and toyota avensis
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  3. now doors and hatches got their first coat clear too
    so the first round is done :beer:
    and body is already in other room for curing



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  4. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    That is fantastic @MeelisV and is my new favourite van :)

    I love custom paintwork.
  5. That looks amazing. I love it.
  6. hi folks
    its now long time after last post
    but there is no big news like "bus is done" or like that

    i got bus out from paint shop and after some struggle with clear coat and holes in it - we won
    there is now 6x2 = 12 layers clear on it

    cleaned some windows and new seals on



    front end with bumper, grill and white signals


    rear with attached engine lid and bumper

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  7. and please if you know where i can find only rear bumper from stainless steel for late bay
    let me know
    i have plan like this and i dont need front bumper

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  8. Welcome back. Have missed your posts. Those chrome bumpers is nice.
    Are you going to paint the caravan in matching paint?

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  9. Hi
    glad to be back too.
    bumpers are not chrome but polished stainless steel
    and im looking one more rear bumper like this

    yes teardrop trailer will be "matching" paint like bus but i think maybe not so aggressive or who knows how it will come out
    like bus was empty canvas without any real design and i gave full freedom to painter so it will be with trailer too

    right now the painter guy is in Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show.

    and look where is Estonia where we are and where is Yokohama
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