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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by jedi_stylie, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Looks good mate, I'm just in the process of making my interior version 2, and thats gonna be tight too, I'm playing with carbboard templates to try the check everything, are you putting another box beside that unit as a seat/extension to the rnr bed seat?
  3. What fridge is that dude?

    If its a peltier effect fridge it will flatten the battery overnight
  4. Well yes it is I'm afraid :(

    It's literally the only one that would fit in the space I have available :(

    We used a similar type cool box before the resto and had no issues though..
  5. Well because the size of the oven the absolute max width of the fridge can be 360mm. This fridge is just shy of 360mm.

    Although I should mention this fridge can also run on 240v when its on a site hookup. And I also have a solar panel trickle charger that will hopefully keep the battery, err, alive O0

    Thanks for the plans, that should help me out quite a bit ;D

  6. Diddymen

    Diddymen Moderator

    very nice to see your resto back .....its a great looking bus 8)

  7. Thanks man :beer_yum:
  8. Started work on the overhead unit today :) only had a couple of hours, hopefully finish it tomorrow!


  9. Painted:



    Hinge detail:

    Pretty happy, but it took a bit longer then expected. Mainly waiting for paint to dry :banghead:

  10. Tell me about it! Carpentry eh? AndI thought sanding filler was bad...
  11. Lol And I'm a chippy! :bag:
  12. cracking resto m8 looks good , lookin to pick your brains on the toplocker. how are you fixing it in place or if its not too cheeky do you have dimensions of your locker so i could do something similar ; )
  13. Erm well it kinda hangs off the lip the goes all the way around the van. And then its fixed with screws at the back into the metalwork. And I built it as I went along, so I didn't make any drawings.

    If you look in this thread (, you will see some drawings for a overhead locker which should help you out.

    If you really want the same as me I can always draw up a quick blueprint :)

  14. Wouldn't it have been better if the hinge was at the bottom?

    I'll get me coat...
  15. :lol:

    Naa! I thought long and hard about how I'd prefer the door swung. But I'm convinced its better like this :)

    Plus I'm planning on getting mechanical stays to keep door open as I'll be needing them for the lift-up worktops and flip down oven front thingy.

    How you panning on doing it in the Prototype then? (presumably the other way lol)

  16. I'm not having a top locker
  17. Today I have replaced the leads and plugs which cured the annoying misfire perfectly :) Running like a dream now!

    And also installed this little safety feature on the engine inspection hatch so it can be easily moved out the way when working on the engine :chewie:


  18. Had a good day today, started the main unit which was giving me a bit of a headache. Thankfully its all working out OK.





    Nowhere near finished, but a good start :)

    Cheers, Luke
  19. Looking good mate , I've been thinking of more ideas for mine today did not get me as far as you :)
    More pics needed

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