Marawak is a god!

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  1. I have easily been to over 500 gigs in the last 15 years .

    I used to love loud music, ringing in my ears, etc - but after wearing ear plugs I really appreciate how good they are .... you can hear everything BETTER than without.

    Then again my ear plugs were £80!
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  5. I wouldnt rule out using them thats for sure. Maybe as i grow older i will find the need to use them and after the way you have described them Marowak i think i'll give them a go if it doesnt reduce the sound quality.

    The Proidigy at Bridlington Spa a few years back was mental for the loudness. It took me 3 tunes for my ears to adjust to the sound :))
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  7. Trev
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    I wasn't using it as a plural, I was using it to show the name was god's possession.
  10. this thread is brilliantly bizarre ....

    I like being God
  11. God


    Hello Marowak. Welcome to the club!
  12. haha - cheers oh great one - nice to have you back in the TLB hood
  13. You get a better sound with earplugs. Too loud and your ears attenuate the sound anyway.
    Loudest band? Gotta be Moterhead at Brunel . They were using a stadium sized rig in the refectory. We had to be pealed of the back wall! :))

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