Major the Westies rebuild project

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  1. Thanks Mark:)
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  2. Slow progress; work keeps getting in the way :eek:

    We have however, completed the little repair in the tailgate seal recess, took some doing but we got there!

    On close investigation, we found the rotten bits fairly localised, it was still tricky getting into the fiddly bits. Rotten metal removed


    New metal going in

    etch primed, job almost done

    Some fine filling required

    We plan to rub the paintwork down, etch prime it all and high build prime in readiness for some colour :D
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  3. Had a look down the rear vents, bloody hell they have some rust :eek:

    Left hand side has been Vactan treated

    Right hand side needs cleaning up then Vactan treating

    It looks as though they did minimal painting down there. We plan to Vactan treat then try and etch prime, high build prime and underbody seal them before colour, try and offer some protection..if all goes well!
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  4. Thanks James :)
  5. Huge progress made over the Christmas holidays; my Dad got bored sitting watching telly, so he cracked on with the spray gun :)


    The vents have been rust treated, etch and high build primed, stone chipped and an initial coat of colour, we need a mini spray gun to finish them off better, for now they will be fine.


    The tailgate needs removing and repainting, its based on the body colour in 2012 which was some 30 plus years old. However, the spray job is good, it may be good for years to come..decisions decisions :eek:
  6. Just ask your dad to paint it. Looks like he knows what he’s doing :thumbsup:
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  7. He does! :D He works with us two days a week, the other three he's either building his BSA back up or pottering around with Major. He's got quite a routine going, from what my Mum has said :lol:
  8. flat it and get the old man to throw some paint on - his other work looks great!!!
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  9. That's settled then, flat it and paint it! :thumbsup:
  10. Little bits of jobs tackled this week. Replaced the rear light assemblies and, to our delight, the rear side marker lights. I say delight because they are EMPI and they fit okay :D


    They look good!

    We also removed the sliding door out of the way so we can tackle the right hand side bodywork. The wheel arch had an area of rust which got steadily worse, as did the front end of the short side panel at sill level. Time to see what lurks, we are pleasantly surprised to find it surface rust only


    We will see how they look once we have flatted the paint back a bit :)
  11. will be keeping an eye on these lower sills as they are next for us as ours are full of filler so many pics pls :hattip:
  12. What lower still pics do you need? I think Majors will be okay, however I do have some from Gusbus rebuild. Let me know what you want n I’ll dig them out!
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  13. Planning on replacing both of these few things though how does top join to existing and on other side obviously there is a seam. Thinking may be out of my depth but want to try[​IMG]

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  14. I’ve got some photos of that panel, I’m out at the moment so I’ll post them up tonight
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  15. Joggle the end of the panel or butt weld the two panels
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  16. I’d joggle the end of it so it tucks under nicely
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  17. And you end up with less distortion
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  18. I did this and it was much easier than trying to butt weld the whole length. I did butt weld about 5cm either end though to help hide the repair.

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  19. @the 3 crispies

    Here you are, we cut the panel out leaving the top of the bodywork lower than the repair panel top edge, primed it and give it a good coat of POR15 from memory:
    DSC00775.JPG DSC00775.JPG

    It looks like we joggled the top edge of the repair section to tuck under the body, spot welded the two pieces together then did the same with the lower, bottom edge and did a few seam welds back on top

    Lastly, although we haven't got any pictures, we filled the top joint with body filler after keying the metalwork and giving it a blast of etch primer and high build primer.

    If you need any more images, I have not got any that are much different to those above, sadly.

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