Lucas ethanol fuel treatment

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Gooders, Mar 25, 2020.

  1. Has anyone used this? Gets good reviews from the classic car fraternity. I am thinking mainly for extending fuel hose life & less gum in the carbs.
  2. Your headlights will pack up...
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  3. The inner bit that's exposed to ethanol doesn't crack though, it's the outer layer that's attacked by ozone.
    Never had any gum in the carbs either.
    And none of the rubber parts have dissolved.
    I often wonder what all the fuss is about. :)

    All I can think of is the ethanol absorbs water to if you don't actually drive your van the water can cause problems.
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  4. I think but I cant trace facts....
    that the greater part of the ethanol panic is down to the fact that in the USA the ethanol comes from fermented corn.
    And that there are some additional contaminants in the fuel as a result, producing more varnish.

    Over here in the UK I believe our fuel is generally better quality than in the US so many near-snake-oil things the Americans do may not be as relevant.

    I have had corrosion in a carburettor... but that engine was running as it hit the sea, pulled out by the safety cord a moment later...

    Otherwise keep your fuel tank full, filler cap sealed, breathers connected properly, and the space above the fuel will be mostly fuel vapour not moist air so absorbtion of water will be less.
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  5. I used it last winter. Useful when in storage. It seemed to drive' happier' or smoother.
    If you use cheap petrol will see more improvement.
    In the end I tried super unleaded,esso, but now they say all fuel is just 5% ethanol.???
    All I know is it drives better without ethanol, and the Lucas additive won't hurt.

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