Lottie, a 79 full restoration Part 1/2/3/4/5

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  1. That's looks great mate. We must be on the same wave length as I've been sorting our dash too.
  2. Hi James, we do seem to be progressing along the same lines. Though I might be avoiding my drive shafts after what you said!! I have decided to fit some more insulation, using up the rest of the roll of Solar Bay. A second layer will go over the strips once I have sorted out the hatch seal. Also fitted my support frame for inertia reel which will later serve to anchor some of the OS rear furniture. This part of the build is really enjoyable and a perfect distraction from the miserable weather. Insulation over rear deck.jpg
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  3. Really loving this insulation fitting but will halt at this point and have kept a couple of meters, probably for rear upper quarters or maybe roof or double up elsewhere?? not sure until I have a better idea of the furniture. I plan to fit cargo deck flooring then get back to remaining mechanical stuff below decks and also rebuild the louvered window. Some piccies:

    cargo and rear insulation.jpg

    Rear Insulation and hatch.jpg
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  4. Some Winter lurgi laid me low, so banned from outdoors I decided to do this: Steering wheel covered.jpg

    Finger tips now also very sore, lots of hand stitching with curved needle!!
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  5. Ok, you can go on the "I hate you, because you are too clever list"
    So far it's
    My little brother, @Flakey, @JamesLey and you were teetering on the edge but that has pushed you over.
    Great work it looks stunning.
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  6. Thanks Paul, I'll do my best to stay on the list with this illustrious company!
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  7. Far too kind!
  8. :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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  9. Praise where praise is due

    I turned 40 this year but I’ve messed with vehicles since I was 14

    The work you show is the work how my head says it should be done and that’s a rare thing
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  10. i turned 50 :beer::theforce:
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  11. Well folks 40 and 50 are a distant memory for me. My mech/tec obsessions started at age 9 with a cast-off Gilera 175 and a dad who was generous with his talent, training and tools. Now how would my dad have repaired this? butchered steering cowling.jpg

    This was the lower cowling for the steering lock and badly butchered by PO. I guess many end up like this, any suggestions?
  12. Eschutchions, what a lovely word and hours of turning to make a slightly longer pair for the hazard warning and lighting switches soon to be fitted to the vinyl covered dash. Then hopefully I can finish fettling the front loom and fuzebox and get the clocks installed. Eschutchions new and old: Escutcheon.jpg
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  13. Lovely job
  14. Still avoiding the underneath jobs; brakes to be re-bleed, grease beam, air lines to servo etc because today I decided to finally cut back some paint and apply the first bit of polish and glad I did so:
    front polished.jpg

    I plan to do a panel each day, by hand so far, but I will pluck up some courage and use a dual orbital and mop on the first big flat panel. I did spend the remainder of the day putting CV's onto drive shafts. So much conflicting data on the right way to fit them together!
  15. looking good :thumbsup:
  16. Thanks folks. So a tad more on CV joints, I watched 2 U Tube clips, read Bentley, Haynes restoration and workshop and Dohhhhh still made a mistake!! Fortunately did a double check and thanks to Samba.com the penny dropped. There are several variations over the years and some refs are misleading. There are 4 ways to miss-assemble x 4 = 16 possible errors. So this is what I have done and feel its finally right. CV assembly.jpg

    1. The chamfer on the inner hub goes on the other side (axle side) 2. The big chamfer on the cage also goes on the other side. 3. The groove or side with most grooves goes on this side (flange side) 4. and the bit I got wrong the wide bit between ball grooves on the outer case faces the narrow bit on the inner hub. Fortunately you cannot get the balls the wrong way round!!!

    Fitted with lots of grease and boot clamps just tight enough to seal but not stop a bit of movement, good for bolt alignment and I hear longer life.
    Drive shafts fitted.jpg
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  17. Christmas as ever stopped play but just before Serendipity Santa appeared, in the form of Burt a VW enthusiast from the other end of the village. Burt is down sizing and most of his store of VW bits now dispersed to friends, but he brought me some old T2 manuals and the offer of some tools. Amazingly he had 2 things I really needed now, first some spreader plates to go under the CV joint bolts as I had to cut some of the originals off. Then he gave me a 46mm 3/4" drive socket with a 5' really solid breaker bar. So motivated by Burt's generosity I had a lovely day yesterday, ticking off some of the deferred tasks; torque up and split pin the rear hubs, grease the front beam, re-bleed the brakes (finally saw the miscreant bubbles creek out and now have a firm pedal response), fit the speedo cable. Topside after tea and with clean hands, fit the internal light to the new headlining. If anyone near me (Yeovil area Somerset) needs the 46mm and breaker bar they are most welcome to borrow, there is also a 36mm 3/4" socket and also in the piccie below the 1/2" drive socket I made to fit the differential pinion nut, should anyone be rebuilding a gearbox. big drive breaker bar.jpg

    Happy New Year to all, Lottie will soon be 40 and might be rewarded with roadworthiness and Historic Vehicle status this year.
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  18. Happy new year mate. Hopefully meet up this year at some point in the buses. I’ve got this week off to get a move on a bit. Hoping to get engine and gearbox in!

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  19. Think this picture should be transferred over to the mechanical " How to " section for reference when one of us undoubtedly gets it wrong .
  20. Thanks B-t-B I will leave that to TLB old hands. Hi James, sounds like a plan and hopefully Lottie will be up for it though I am thinking late rather than early 19. I am having a lot of fun and not in a hurry to fit the last pieces of the jigsaw. Enjoy putting the big bits in Iris, I am sure there are some terrific photos to follow soon. I am still pondering the best way to make some heat/noise shields for the top of the engine bay, whilst also rebuilding the louvered window and then must do the graphics for the control stalks, then maybe?? Yes, I must confess there is no plan!
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