Looking for a solar installer, North London and around

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  1. Hi all,

    I'm going solar. Have ordered the kit from Photonics as many on here have done before me, but have lost my installer to an ankle injury just at the crucial time! PU have kindly recommended someone, and he looks very experienced and solid, but he's sort of a long drive away.

    Sooo, can anyone recommend me an auto electrician or VW garage or general clever person who could do the install for me. We are London N4 and I will of course drive a reasonable distance. Ideally it would be someone who knows their bays and have done it before, but I'm open to all suggestions.

    Thanks all
  2. check out, https://www.wayoutwestie.com/

    i know he has solar, and travels around, so might be worth a message, i think he is down south anyways.
  3. Thanks very helpful tip, will send a message to see where he is and if he can take it on.
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  4. I’m in Hemel and happy to muck in. No expert but have done my van. Techenders is the best place to do this.
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  5. Thanks for the offer, very kind. It might yet come to that!
    If I’d had the dynamism to source the kit a few weeks earlier yes TE would have been the answer....
  6. Hi, I am in N5 (Highbury) and installed solar myself using components if you want to take a look.


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  7. It's not that difficult a job, depends a little on what sort of panel and where you are fitting it of course.

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