FOR SALE Left over interior build items - job lot

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  1. I’m clearing out the items I didn’t use when I was building our interior it may be useful for someone.
    One mans junk is another mans treasure after all. :)

    2 x Down lights
    1 x Lid stay
    3 x cabinet hinges
    7 x Brass hooks
    2 x slim handles
    16 x pairs of curtain sliding hooks- some new

    £5 plus postage for above items

    2 x funky cabinet handles sold


    3 x wooden cabinet handles sold

    4 x box or cupboard locks sold

    Random filter
    2 x vintage cabinet handles sold
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  2. Handles and locks all sold

    Job lot first picture
    £5 plus postage
  3. how much for cabinet hinges please i just need two thanks
  4. Prob just a few pounds including postage but to be honest if that’s all you need you could probably pick them up at a local b&q and save on postage

    Prefer to sell it all together
  5. All sold
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