last run this year October 2017

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  1. DSCF1775.JPG DSCF1777.JPG DSCF1790.JPG DSCF1801.JPG DSCF1781.JPG DSCF1775.JPG Well on the spur, headed off to the North East Coast of Scotland.. I stay on the NE coast so never really explored it much, but this was a revelation.

    Headed up to a small but excellently situated campsite right on the beach at Findochty ( pronounced FIN ECH TEY ) Basic shower and toilet block, but hot showers and all very clean and tidy.. :)

    Really quiet this time of year but there is loads to see and do in the area.. we done a spot of Dolphin spotting, following day I just got up fro a restfull sleep looked across the beach and saw the same Dolphins right in front of our campsite parking space leaping right out of the water... BRILLIANT location.

    Spent time in Cullen walked there and back along the coastal path only 5 miles each way and worth the effort. Took a walk to a cracking wee T and cake shop right on the front at Buckie 30 min coastal walk from the site ..

    took a drive to Keith and visited the balvenie and glenfiddich distilleries

    final day had a run up to Elgin ( needed to find a Halfrauds for some mineral oil for the van, Leak is worse just had to keep on top of it for the trip )

    Returned home via Grantown on Spey the lecht Ballater and Glenshee

    Great weather a bit windy but usually at night .. average temp 14 degrees :)
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  2. DSCF1759.JPG DSCF1742.JPG DSCF1754.JPG some pics of the Dolphins

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  3. We had a show for a good hour ,, hard to get decent pics though..
  4. At least the bus is getting nice fresh oil regulary :thumbsup:
  5. Its never done more than one trip without an oil change, This leak started right from the off when the ssp engine was fitted and it is getting worse, seems to be only from the one side ( right side looking from back of bus) lost about a litre in under 100 miles .. :( did get the warning light on just as we pulled to a stop in Grantown on Spey . But no flickering or pressure loss while driving ..but cant be doing it any good ... Thats it off the road now so will have a close inspection and see if the motor needs to come out...
  6. DSCF1771.JPG DSCF1831.JPG DSCF1805.JPG DSCF1812.JPG DSCF1817.JPG DSCF1842.JPG DSCF1879.JPG DSCF1884.JPG DSCF1859.JPG DSCF1853.JPG more pics

  7. Wow, what a superb set of pictures. Looks like a superb area for a few day camping.
  8. Looks really nice, cheers for sharing!
  9. Nice pics..
    It's gonna get a bit breezy up there soon...:eek:
  10. That looks a great place to explore, (if the weather is kind ) enjoy ;).
    I'm going to google it now !
  11. That looks proper lush.
  12. Is that a Buccaneer filling up at the petrol station?
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  14. Wow, I didn't realise you could access such a detailed history of a military A/C. If only our bus histories were as detailed.

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