Land Rover defender 90

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  1. If you think inside a bay is noisy, trust me it's nothing compared to this!
  2. Come on then - give us the details
  3. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Mod

    You and @bernjb56 could start a sub-forum on here. ;)
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  4. Nice
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  5. Defender 90 on a 1992 plate
    Served with the Royal Artillery Air mobile group
    Royal Logistics service 202 Squadron
    Demobbed to Witham ex military vehicles who kept it as the boss's car until I bought it last year.
    Still on its 2.5 diesel naturally aspirated engine
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  6. I set 2 brand new ones of them on fire

    I spent 6 years working as a electrician for the mod building cheften based armoured bridge layers.
    Every now and again I had to convert Land Rovers for sas use. It involved water proofing them there's 3 black and yellow wires in the same place 2 are pos 1 is neg I got it wrong.

    The bridge layers if your interested

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  7. Interesting job, nice one :thumbsup:
  8. I'd always had one of these on my list until I got to drive one at work. Slow, noisey and kept bashing my elbow on the window frame. I still love them though.
  9. Ha ha yes, definitely slow and definitely noisy! I nearly died in it today queuing to get into a car show in this heat, one and a half hours melting to be exact! Ive not had it long but th more I drive it, the more I like it.
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  10. I only got to drive 4 miles. I guess you do get used to driving whatever. It's the same with the bay.
  11. I'd strongly recommend cavity waxing it
    Especially the chassis
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  13. I know what you're saying! Apparently chassis is good, looks good but who can tell :confused:
  14. Closer looking it's got lashing points for a canvas and hinged window blocks. So Originally a soft top. Would look good with a tilt and sticks.
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  15. I think it comes with these as standard so you can have it either way. Canvas does look good but a bit prices to get the whole kit. Would be nice with it rolled up in the summer.

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