Kayak £39.99 Lidl. Bargain or waste of space?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by paulcalf, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Despite having no real need for a kayak, i've always been very tempted.

    When I saw them at decathlon for £99 I thought they were a baragin - now lidl are doing them for £40!

    Will this be a baragin or just something that never gets used and takes up space?

    • Inflatable kayak with detachable front and rear seat
    • Made from robust, hard-wearing PVC – resistant to salt water, oil, ozone and cold
    • Lengthways bar base for extra stability and 5-air chamber system with safety valves
    • Double-bladed aluminium paddle with clicklock system, adjustable by 90° – can also be used as a canoe paddle
    • Bow and rear splash guard
    • Removable foot rest
    • Splashproof storage bag
    • Small when packed – includes duffel bag
    • Includes repair kit
    • Size (inflated): kayak: approx. L310 x W91 x H47cm; double-bladed paddle: length: approx. 220cm
    • Rated load capacity: 160kg (holds 2 adults)
    • Net weight: approx. 7kg
    • 3 year warranty

    Who else is getting one?

    On sale from Thursday 13th June 2019

    You can always justify it to yourself as the lidl kayak costs less than half a day canoe hire!
  2. Oooooh tempting, I’ll probably never use it too , but for £40 ......

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  3. Could have used one here on Mull[​IMG]
  4. Would also have been useful when camping by the river in Hereford[​IMG]
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  5. That's quite tempting, though I haven't used my current kayak in many many years, so another one probably wouldn't get used either.
  6. yeah but your current one is probably too big to take away as its not inflatable
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  7. Nice spot Paul!!! I think I'm gonna have to try and get one - bet they sell out uber quick.
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  8. I think at that price it’s probably a bit of a toy . Great fun for mucking about on inshore or on a lake but no more than that I think.
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  9. Do it!

    and post a video of the inaugural launch... probably best not try to smash a bottle on it though :D
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  10. I'd need to put the roof rack on, but as it's a K1 slalom kayak it's not ideal for just messing about on a lake or rivers.

    Where as this one would be.
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  11. You can’t beat a good baragin :lol:
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  12. Totally agree, my last kayak cost around £900, I wouldn't expect this one to last like that did, but I wouldn't expect to use it for the same things either.
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  13. why not spend the money on a training course at an aqua centre, you will have a good time and maybe make up your mind either to get your own or not. you really shouldn't just go out and get one as its cheap and launch it on a lake or worse a river, its asking for trouble.
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  14. Depends on each person's personal experience.

    Some training is a good idea though, water needs to be respected or it could cost you dearly.
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  16. Safety first!

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  17. or these from Lidl themselves :-D

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  18. ... which kind of makes another point ... You'll have to spend more than £40 to get properly equipped.
    As I'm having my own battle with life-clutter I'm with @mgbman on this one .... See if you can organise it before the 13th!
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  19. I say have fun, know it’s limitations and don’t be daft.

    And if you’re on a canal with it and get into trouble - stand up! :D
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