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  1. Anyone been to this? Is it worth the trek?
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  3. I'd go if it was nearer...:thumbsup:
  4. I guess the answer is the response...;)
  5. I went a few years ago and really enjoyed it !
    Massive field , maybe 100 vans but lots of room so had a very chilled out weekend , nattering with a few people - a good experience :thumbsup:

    Move on to last year and i had that weekend free so headed down there , be rude not to really , it`s only 45 minutes down the road .

    What a disappointment :(

    Same massive field but rammed , maybe 600 or 700 vans mostly T4/5 and nearly all in groups with their own area specially cordoned off ....

    I stayed an hour and left for my favourite little pub site 15 minutes away - turned out nice again :thumbsup:

  6. NO.... sold out. must be a good un.
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    I’d thought about it before but always bit busy.
    If I was down that way reckon I would go.
    (If not sold out!)
  8. Camping has sold out now according to farcebook update:)
  9. Which is a perfectly good reason not to even try - it`ll be rammed . There are better places within a few miles but if anyone gets the urge to rub shoulders with those wacky VW nuts feel free - call me Mr anti social but it`s not my
    thing - been there done that :rolleyes:
    I think it was the second year JK ran the open day that i went and enjoyed myself - 20 quid to camp , all for charity :thumbsup:

    Is the weekend still a fund raiser or are they milking the cash cow ??

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  10. Even if the camping is sold out it can be worth it for picking up deals on customer returns.

    I once got a cover half price at the JK Open Day because somebody had returned it as unsuitable rather than anything being wrong with it. Still using that cover.
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