Just Kampers insurance agreed value forms are carp.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. They’re all separate policies, I had been using them for years with my Subarus as they were both non-standard, but got so fed up with the JK agreed value thing I let them quote me for the bus and they were cheaper and easier. Then added the mini later.

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    I’ve got my T2 and Fiat Coupe on classic policies with Carole Nash and the T4 in a camping and work usage and the C15 as work and personal usage. The last two with two different companies
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  3. Aren’t they big bike insurers too?

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    Yes. I first used them about 15 yrs ago when I insured my motorbike and also a Capri.
  5. I’m not happy with the word carp in the title, carp are beautiful creatures, so if something is Marmite say it’s crap:p
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  6. Just Kampers insurance agreed value forms are crap
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  7. Mark 1 Capri ?
  8. Where do you live ? Blechley ;)
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  9. They are, though good luck if you have to make a claim, they really don't like paying out.
  10. 48k! - luxury. Mine was a Commodore Pet with 8k which was programmed in Basic - this amount of computing power was about what they used to get to the moon.
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  11. Can we use "Chelsea" as an alternative?
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  12. Give Hegarty Classic insurance a go. Spot on people to deal with. Guaranteed value lasts 3 years with them :thumbsup:
  13. No Chelsea is used for a word that rhymes with hunts
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  14. :p
  15. Im intreagued to see what the swear filter uses for that word but I’m worried in case they’ve forgotten and I get banned:p
    Shall I see ?
  16. Better still I’ll get someone to call it me,
    @crossy2112 its never sunny in Barnsley
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  17. You was saying [​IMG]

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  18. Finally got my agreed value sorted. Only took them 8 1/2 weeks and sending the photos 3 times. :rolleyes:
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  19. Got an air cooled apple computer ... all up to date here
    Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 10.46.51.png
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  20. 10 What a load of ballcocks
    20 Print
    30 Goto 10

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