Just Kampers insurance agreed value forms are carp.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Zebedee, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. Has anyone had any success with their online agreed value form recently?

    Filled in the online form at beginning of February with photos etc.
    Heard nothing for over 4 weeks so shot them an email. A week and a half later they replied and said they hadn't recieved the piccies even though the online form said they were successfully uploaded at the time.
    Can't fill in the form again (as it says its in progess) and was given no email address on where to send them.

    This has happened at least twice before over the past couple of years. The first time it took 7 weeks to sort, the next time 12 weeks to get the agreed value bit sorted. :rolleyes:
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  2. I send them photos and pay for signed for, they can’t argue with the good old fashioned postal service
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  3. Gave up on all that nonsense and went with an insurer that makes it easier not as hard as possible - and gives better cover at a lower cost. I just send them photos and list work completed by email and I don’t have to go through the entire process every renewal.

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  4. They’re useless. Their IT is done by a 14 year-old, and you’re never sure if they got it. If they do, they take a month to respond. Changing my insurers next year. I’ve had enough of them.
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  5. Any self-respecting 14-year-old would have created a self-service portal in minutes.
    More like an octogenarian I reckon!

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  6. I think their server is based on an early Sinclair Spectrum. Awful.
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  7. I like my 48k speccy.
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  8. It's the future!
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  9. Try A-Plan. I use them for all my vehicles now. Proper customer service; they send me reminders, always re-evaluate on renewal and advise me if it’s worth switching. I honestly can’t fault them. The small fee they charge is well worth the service and covered by what they save me.

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  10. Funny enough my electronics and microprocessor programming at college reached the dizzy heights of using machine code and a keypad to program a ZX81 to produce a sine wave on an oscilloscope.

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  11. Machine code’s a bit pervy. Real Men write in assembler.
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  12. Who’s yours?
  13. I don’t know what you just said Jerry but it sounderd impressive, I lost you at funny enough :thumbsup:
  14. Not according to Wilf:)
  15. A-Plan said they couldn't quote me. :(
  16. Lancaster are excellent, been with them for 15 years with the MGB and 5 years with the Bay. Agreed valuations, easy to do online.
  17. ldaa #h'4b. ;86 4b
    jsr print. ; 7a e0 1f
    ldaa #h'45 ; 86 45
    jsr print. ;7a e0 1f
    wait: ldaa button ;a6 80 02
    anda #01 ; a9 01 ... might be wromg.
    bne wait ; 26 f9

    6800 machine code circa 1981
    Can still remember about half the codes.
  18. Day

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    I did mine by post....after 4 weeks I got :confused:in touch ...said they didn't receive them then a week later they found them.
    Ended up valuing it at the same value as I had written I bought it for?
  19. That’s strange? They insure my Prodrive Subaru, the bus and my Mini Cooper S no problem.
    The bus was with a Thatcham cherished scheme or something.. wonder why they wouldn’t quote you?

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  20. Merlin Cat

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    That sounds good @Gingerbus :). I tried to insure my cars with one insurer but struggled as different usages so have separate policies.
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