just completed the latest trip in the tub

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  1. No hiccups no failures no breakdowns just a trouble free trip around the Scottish islands and the North East coast of Scotland .

    Before we left I fully serviced the van, one issue hat wasn't pressing but will get attention over the winter is a little bit of in out play on the nearside rear wheel hub, about 1mm or so. Is a new bearing so im guessing wear on the hub.. it doesnt howl so happy to run with it for now. Otherwise its all good.

    Left home early doors and headed off west toward Oban and the ferry to Mull. A quick drive down the coast of Mull saw us arrive at a small informal beech front campsite No hookups but recently constructed toilets and showers in immaculate order. :)

    I managed to slice my thumb on the griddle of a disposable barbie, but thankfully had a wee first aid kit, lots of disinfectant and a tube of superglue :)

    We parked the van up and walked to the harbour to catch a ferry to Iona.. unfortunately it yellow snowed down and we got a full on soaking, but were waterproof :)

    The next day was much better and it stayed dry for the trip to Staffa and fingles cave and better still the PUFFINS. :)

    We headed off on day 4 across the island and stopped at a new campsite that shows a bit of promise with laid out pitches and mint showers and toilets ..

    we travelled back to the mainland and drove home the same day to clean up and restock them off again this time up the North East coast to Findochty, Cullen, Portsoy, macduff, we stayed at the greatest campsite in Findochty and moved on to Sandend whre there was surfing action for three days .. Great beach and coastal walks.

    headed home via some places we will definitely revisit..including Inverurie, great wee park for pick nicks,

    Got home around 7pm on Monday .. knackered.. It still yellow snowes me of that drivers find the need to park up the arse of the wee camper as we bowl along at 55.. a 2.5 subaru turbo installed up the back end would sort the best of them out ;)

    Views from the campsite on Mull

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  2. Staffa fingles cave and the Puffins :) they have no fear..

  3. more Staffa

    DSCF5818.JPG DSCF5824.JPG DSCF5826_LI.jpg DSCF5828.JPG DSCF5831.JPG DSCF5834.JPG DSCF5845.JPG DSCF5848.JPG
  4. and even more Staffa with a spot for the night :)

    DSCF5867.JPG DSCF5873.JPG DSCF5876.JPG
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  5. Bamff

    Just passed through here on the drive home but will have a return visit :)

    DSCF5883.JPG DSCF5886.JPG DSCF5887.JPG
  6. Took the scenic road from Banchory ( where my van was first registered) iver the Cairn na Mount ( 14:1 ) where we reached the summit and stopped to let the poor old van cool down and saw this guy taking off...

  7. Ferry from Oban to Mull takes one hour and cost a whopping £21 for the van and two adults ... :)
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  8. Looks fab, please could you put more location details on the campsites :thumbsup:
  9. First stop on Mull was at Fidden Farm which is walking distance to the harbor for the ferry to Iona .. It has informal pitches anywhere along the sea front but as you might expect they are the first ones to be pitched .. but you can always move to one when its vacated . We got lucky and stayed put for 3 days . They dont take bookings, you just turn up..Showers and toilets were all brand new

    2nd site we stayed at had just opened 8 weeks ago. so everything was brand new along with the pitch layouts. This will be a great wee site when its settled and established, just off the only main road on route to / from the ferry ( if you choose to take the main road) but only a 2 min walk to the beach.

    pics of second site :

  10. On the east coast we stayed at 2 sites , Findochty ( see on of my earlier posts re visit there with pics) Its a tiny site right on the beach with great walks , a local right at the entrance which is also right on the small harbor and the other was Sandend, which is just 6 miles up the road from Findochty. Its more formal, run by a friendly couple from London /Oxford super well maintained with immaculate toilets and facilities .. sheltered by the dunes but with spots where we were where you can just sit and watch the waves roll onto the beach and the surfer folks doing there thing.

    Findochty is the more relaxed site with an older clientele, while Sandend had a definite family vibe with a huge cross section age group.. surf boards, kayaks , sail boards, and bikes were common but it wasnt noisey or busy when we were there and most folk who were there were on the beach till well after dark :)
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  11. random pics . Unfortunately I kept forgetting to take the camera as Mrs has developed a passion for snapping stuff on her i phone..

    DSCF5793.JPG DSCF5795.JPG DSCF5796.JPG DSCF5798.JPG DSCF5813_LI.jpg DSCF5812.JPG DSCF5811.JPG DSCF5881.JPG
  12. Looks fab mate. Reckon we'll try and do a trip up that way next year.
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  14. Its worth it if the weather is kind :) I think we covered just under 800 miles for both trips ..

    Mull is pretty much all single track with passing places but there are plenty passing places . There is also a tolerance for wild camping on Mull in certain areas and even a designated free site with an honesty box, the takings gong to fund new public toilets.. thats located around Calgary Bay.. Nice spot :)
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  15. Stunning pics, looks lovely!
  16. Great trip, great pictures, want to do this kind of trip soon..

    but the play on the hub shouldnt be there.. some variations of loose in that area lead to the axle going round and the hub standing still...
  17. Braw!
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  18. That looks amazing.. the one thing that stops me going up to Scotland.. is the reports of midges.. and they look pretty bad from what I've seen on the TV. But might have to give it a go cos your photos look spot on..

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