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  1. I said in another thread that it sounds as if @Ermintrude has a great job, me on the other hand have to get up most mornings at 0430 work all day sometimes into the evening and beyond, some days it’s ok but others it gets me right down,

    I worked as a doorman in the 70s loved it

    I was a postman in Victoria London and in 1979 I was made assistant postman to 10Downing st, a job which not only took me inside no 10 hundreds of times but also the House of Commons, the war office, Cabinet Office, Buckingham Palace and up to Chequers, I’ve met Mrs Thatcher and used to speak to Denis regularly about golf, he was a lovely lovely man, every Christmas all the staff including us postmen used to receive a Christmas card and a House of Commons bottle of whiskey signed, I wish I had kept them, loved that job

    I worked as a HGV delivery driver for Royal Mail , I hated it

    In the early 80s I along with 2 partners started a security business looking after groups and going on tour with them, I’ve been on tour with Duran Duran, Ozzi Osbourne, Wham,Tears for fears to name a few, best job in the world loved it, when Wembley stadium was knocked down because we had the contract and Wembley was 70 or even 80% of our work the business folded :(, best gig we did was by far Live Aid I could tell you some stories but I’ll save them for sitting around a bonfire with a beer, live Aid was the only time I’ve ever been star struck, I had a chance to talk to Bryan Ferry my all time favourite singer but I didn’t have the bottle , I’ve regretted it ever since

    I had a Taxi firm in East Grinstead with 20 drivers which I hated and sold to my business partner in 2014

    Now I’m just a Taxi driver

    Who has a job they love or hate?
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  2. Great post, Baz. You’ve certainly been around in your time!
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  3. Sounds like you’ve had a great career!! I left Skool at 16 and went into the memorial trade, 28 years later I’m still here!! Love my trade but unfortunately it’s screwed my back up
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    Now that's some interesting stuff @Barry Haynes ...I can't get near that!

    I used to unload White Arrow Freemans catalogue lorries. You had this telescopic conveyor thing that you pulled in to the trailer and the job was placing each parcel label side up. Used do to three artic trailers a night each stacked floor to roof. Two had thousands of small packages....assume it was clothes or shoes but the third was big stuff like flat pack wardrobes, tellies (Crt tellies not this flat panel stuff) lawnmowers etc.

    I was 18, playing rep rugby so the fittest I've ever been and that was by far the hardest job I've ever done. As there was one of you, but five or six guys sorting outside the truck it was relentless through the night for £2.11 an hour.

    Just occurred to me, writing this 28 years later that maybe there was supposed to be two people in of my other pet hates about agency work, the lazy tossers you have to work with.

    Best job was council Gardner. Watering was hold this shower head thing and if it got too hot stand under it. Kids get annoying? Quick spray that way. Best tan I ever had. Part of that job could be patrolling the various parks in a pick up's weird.....all those females sunbathing in lunch hour, there was always litter right by them we had to sort. Uncanny coincidence.

    Life was simple back then.
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  5. :rolleyes:
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  6. Nice Story

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    My two fave jobs were: I worked on the limes (spotlights) at Sandown Theatre IOW. Great job met loads of nice folks...Tommy Cooper, Norman Wisdom, Cilla Black, Shadows to name a few.
    Worked as an aircraft fitter at Sandown Airport another job I loved it was like making hub airfix kits (a hobby as a boy)

    Now I work for myself growing garlic with some part time work on the side...don't work too much which I like.
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  8. @Barry Haynes ,do you remember when @crossy2112 had that job as a "Gigolo"?o_O

    Problem was that they all laughed at him so he became know as the "Northern Giggleo" !:D:D
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  9. On the 1982 Tears for fears British tour we had a darts/ pool/ table tennis round robin competition back stage with the band,roadies, cooks and security all taking part, when Roland and Curt come off stage one of the first things they would do was look at who they were playing in the comp ha ha , I think I came last :p:p
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  10. I’ve been asked many time who were the most “rock n Roll “ I would say
    Most substance abuse was by Motorhead
    Most Alcohol consumed was the Pogues who were touring with the Dubliners, my god could they drink
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  11. Wow it sounds like you had some great jobs.

    Most people spend there life’s working in a job they hate.

    With all that said at least you’re trying to find something you like to do, keep searching.

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    I was in a band called Duran Duran. The worst part was touring with them cockney roadies in tow!
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  13. I think most people are the same.

    If I won the lottery the first thing I would do is drive my van with all the tools straight into the canal and travel the world:)

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  14. I wouldnt say I love my job but I do on the odd occaision enjoy it and it throws up some intersting projects.

    my official title is Test Laboratory Manager but often referred to as Lead Test Engineer.

    For the next couple of years I'm working on a project involving these bad ass aircraft:

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  15. Now I am old I think too much emphasis is placed on working. We only get 1 life and a realisation that I have less life left in front of me than I've had made me want to stop working as soon as possible.
    With age I realised I was loosing more and more friends who passed away not able to enjoy a retired life.. So when I got chance of a type of redundancy I grasped it with both hands . Best thing I ever did . Wished I had done it years ago
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  16. How do you follow that?
  17. Poptop2

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    30 years ago I worked for a tight fisted local farmer collecting and delivering grain in a artic bulker 6 days a week £210 plus £10 each time I did a second drop when he felt like paying it. He was an appallingly small minded a..hole to work for, but a fab job meeting great characters.

    This week I started back on bulkers Doing four days a week earning nearly four times what he paid.

    I hope I enjoy it as much as I did.

    Because I’m too old to be in a job I hate.
  18. Well I’m thinking of making something the time I was testing Lewis Hamilton’s cars and I beat his track record by 21 secs and he said I was so good I should compete!! But I had a pet headstone to make so I passed up the 3million, don’t need it!!!
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    You've probably seen what I have to suffer at work these days.
    The days before that
    Photographer in fashion and advertising ... Great.
    Film Art Dept runner ..... Good and bad
    Art Director ...... Great
    Standby Props ..... Great
    Props Master ...... Great
    Stay at home father .... Best job ever
    College Lecturer .... Totally dispiriting and soul destroying.
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  20. Male model?
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