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  1. http://www.justkampers.com/propex-heatsource-kit.html

    Looking at purchasing the JK kit, and fitting it and the bottle under the r&r bed it comes with rubber hose, regulator etc

    but wont I still need a length of 8mm copper pipe to connect the rubber hose to the unit?

    If so I can't find it on the JK site

    Screwfix want £50 for a whole roll
  2. Josh_JK

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    Hi there,

    I've just spoken to Shaun who recently fitted one in his late bay, and he said that most people just use a flexi hose to fit it straight to the tank, but if you do find you need 8mm copper pipe you can get it from B&Q :thumbsup:

    Hope this helps!
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  3. Now that's customer service! Thanks Josh
  4. Josh_JK

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    No problem at all :D
  5. So its a complete kit NOT

    May of missed somthing but
    The kit has no way of fitting the rubber hose to the heater
    The kit does show a 8mm elbow but know way of connecting the hose to its
  6. also taken from the propex instructions

    The heater uses an 8mm (5/16”) gas connection which also incorporates a
    test point .
    The gas supply should be connected with copper gas pipe with an isolating
    valve and all connections made with brass compression fittings, fitted with
    copper olives.
    When the gas line is complete all joints should be tested for leaks using
    leak detection solution - NEVER WITH A NAKED FLAME.
  7. Josh_JK

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    Hi Matty,

    Having just spoken to one of my colleagues about this, we stock two different kits depending on what people want to buy, and one of these kits has all the pipes included, although I think the photo could be clearer, but the majority of people simply pick up some copper piping from B&Q (other DIY stores are available!) and do it that way.

    As I understand it, a lot of people use flexi hose because they're fitting the units into an area of their bus that it would be difficult to get a copper pipe in to, but we do of course tell everyone to get them properly checked out by a certified gas technician, as gas certainly isn't something to be taken lightly!

    I hope this clears things up a bit
  8. It does seem the JK description is incorrect .
    "This Propex Heatsource Kit will save you money by giving you all the components you need to fit the Propex unit into your vehicle"

    You do need a length of 8mm pipe between the hose and unit.
    It's another £22 from B&Q for 10m of 8mm copper pipe I will only need 5cm
  9. Are you 100% sure that the rubber hose can connect directly to the propex?
  10. Baysearcher

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    If the propex instructions state you should use copper pipe, I'd use copper pipe. The fact that a supplier tells you different wouldn't change my mind.
    Maybe JK should invest the £28 and send out a complete kit as advertised?
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  11. Josh_JK

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    Right, I've spoken to our Purchasing Manager who's currently going through the kits and the Propex instructions (straight from the box) to see if we've missed anything.
    If we have then obviously we'll get the missing parts in ASAP, but he's fairly confident that the complete kits come with everything you'd need to fit it.

    Either way I just wanted to say thank you for bringing it to my attention, as I've not heard of anyone not having all the bits needed, but if we are missing a part then I'll need to get it chased up and included in the kit

    Thanks again, and just bear with us while we get to the bottom of it :thumbsup:
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  12. Well I have just ordered. We shall see, I need heating this weekend so I may need a B&Q trip
  13. Josh_JK

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    I showed this to Shaun as he was dashing past, and he said that every unit he's seen used the 'right hand' fitting rather than the 'top' fitting relative to the above photo (if that makes sense?), so just put the supplied rubber pipe on to the other side and did it that way.

    Obviously once our Purchasing Manager has gone through it all I'll be able to give a clearer answer :thumbsup:

    Thanks again
  14. Josh_JK

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    If you like I can PM you Shaun's direct dial number here at JK and he can talk you through how he fitted his? :)
  15. If its any help I purchased a tapered thread fulham connector onto which the flexi hose connects if this is any help? I think it was 1/2" but just double check with Heatsource.
  16. As Sharpey said. A Fulham connector (spigot) is the usual way to connect in a flexi. Personaly if the Propex is not adjacent to its bottle I would run copper from the appliance to a point close to the supply source with a shut off in the line then go to a flexi for the last 750mm to the regulator. Working on the basis that the flexi is just sufficiently long enough to allow a bottle to be changed.
  17. Josh_JK

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  18. Josh_JK

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    Blimey, this is all getting a bit complicated :confused:

    We've read through the instructions, and they're a bit contradictory in places.
    Typing directly from the instructions that I've 'borrowed' from one of the kits we stock, on page 4 it says:

    "Gas Connection
    a) The heater uses an 8mm (5/16") gas connection but can be fitted with an adaptor to take 1/4" copper pipe if preferred. "

    Which implies that it uses 8mm pipe (supplied), but can use copper pipe (not so much supplied) if you'd prefer.
    From what I gather from talking to Shaun, if you're using the supplied pipe you use the 'right hand' connection, relative to the photo that Kilmo kindly supplied earlier, and if you're using copper pipe you set it up as per Kilmo's photo.

    The whole thing is then rendered moot by the fact that the instructions state you must be Corgi Registered to fit the damn thing in the first place :rolleyes:

    As far as I can see, we need to make it clearer how to set up the unit, and that the kit supplied by ourselves and Propex are just the heater end - the gas bottle end is left down to the customer and should be fitted by a Corgi Registered fitter.

    We are of course very happy offer support and guidance to anyone who has any questions or concerns about the product or fitting it, and I'm going to try to write up something to go in the descriptions to try and make this clearer.

    I hope this helps and clears things up a bit for everyone :thumbsup:
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