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  1. anyone with any thoughts on jacks and axle stands.
    mother-in-law asked what i want for birthday thats coming up soon and i could do with a new jack, the last one got binned after a engine out job as it leaked and didn't go high enough so would love one that could go high enough next time and be able to get stands under the front beam so
    1, height
    2, 2 ton or above
    3, price..because she can be as tight as a crabs arse.....

    look at searly,sgs loads on flea bay but any thoughts would be gratefull. cheers..
  2. got an SGS had it just over a year and does the job. was pretty cheap if i remember correctly
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  3. I like the ratchet type stands from machine mart,as you can raise them up in small increments
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  4. What age you are will determine the level of garage equipment you'll be allowed. So....??
  5. SGS do a deal for a two tonne jack and a set of four stands, incredibly cheap and next day free delivery.
    They're stuff isn't pretty or flash but is made from big lumps of steel and works.
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  6. i had looked at sgs but didn't know if 360mm went high enough.. not bad for the cash, low entry model 2 stands less than £50, 2ton and four stands at about £70.. cheers
  7. mother-in-law does not go by age............................
  8. Hi. Just got a set of folding Axle stands. They are 2 tonne (each) Are they strong enough for a bay or should I have bought 3 tonne ?
  9. They should be ok but i`d have gone for 3 tonne to be honest - never know when a fat bird / mechanic will be jumping in there ...

  10. Rez


    Halfords 3 ton trolley jack is actually very good and well priced too.

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