It's on, Subaru power here we come!

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  1. Sadly it's keeping the three rib for now unless anyone has a 6rib sitting on the shelf in good order they are willing to part with? So it will be driven with care for a while. I was stunned to find so much space behind the fire wall on the passenger side above the arch there's a void about the size of two loaves of bread. That's where the ECU loom has come through from the bedbox.
  2. Question - has anyone with a conversion retained the oil bath shelf or do I need to remove it?
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    Cut mine out, it gets in the way of the air filter...when you reverse the inlet tract, it goes to the right, expansion boxes to the left.

    If you need any pics, I can happily take pics of whichever bits on mine you need for references.
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  4. Thanks @Moons would love a pic of where the brace bar is supposed to be locating. Perry said it would be tight but I've offered it up and the angles seem wrong where the bolt holed brackets are? Could be I'm doing it all wrong..... or I've picked up the Friday afternoon bar?

    My chassis although it looks weathered is absolutely rock solid so I don't think it's moved or twisted.
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    The engine mount bar?
  6. Yes please.
  7. It's only 4 bolts "aye it" as the say round here....

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  8. Slow day today. Removed the oil bath shelf and found some corrosion. The skin on top of the chassis rail under the filter shelf had a hole about the size of 2 fifty pence pieces. So I promptly used the metal from from the shelf to sculpt the correct shaped repair patch. Then got busy with the welder for the first time in 15 years. Followed by some grinding :D.

    The engine is now in, starter fitted.

    Brace bar needs fitting, found out the exhaust has to come off to fit the bar....

    New cam belt cover on order.

    Plumbing tomorrow.

    Still waiting for the throttle body reverser. Have disconnected it and replaced the cooling pipes with a foot of new pipe each side ready to trim once the reverser is fitted.
  9. Today I fitted the brace bar - this needed a little massaging in the vice as the brackets weren't quite where they needed to be for my chassis ( Perry did warn me this is often the case ).


    I then test fitted the exhaust and drilled the hole for the mount in the plate provided on the brace bar. Couldn't leave the rear section on though as I am awaiting a small piece of timing belt cover that can't readily be accessed with the rear section of exhaust fitted.

    Connected up the multi plugs, routed the fuel lines.

    Then spotted a small issue. The upper heater matrix supply pipe off the back of the engine is hard against the chassis support that the gear box hangs off. Thankfully under it and not into it if that makes sense.

    I can see two options - 1 massage the chassis with a mallet. 2 cut pipe back and connect hose further into the engine but then it's straight pipe into straight pipe with no swell at the end of the orrifice to assist in retention / sealing.

    Has anyone that's already had the conversion done spotted how Fellows have done it?

    I then turned to threading the coolant circuit through the van. I removed the rear Y piece that used to carry the air from the heat exchangers to the central tube, this gives a heap more room. Just need a couple of extra bits from demon tweeks and that's done.

    Test fired the kenlowe fans direct from a battery and found one to be warped and touching the rad pack - I suspect its the second stage fan that hasn't seen much action and has slowly warped to its idle position. Fitted plugs to the fan wiring to make it easier to remove fans, wired in a decent earth for them.
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  10. Cheaper to buy the car, picked up a daily driver early subaru for 400, will drive it until the wheels fall off then take the engine out
  11. If only it was that simple. o_O
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  12. @pkrboo I suspect we have found the technical author of the Haynes manuals.

    Difficulty rating 2 spanners.

    "Step 1, remove Subaru engine."
    "Step 2, simply make bell housing adaptor ,bolt in Subaru engine, make new loom, create fuel, cooling and heating systems, make work with 45 year old factory wiring"
    "Step 3, make cup of coffe and admire your handy work"

    Time required 25 minutes. ( if using instant coffee).
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  13. not sure why its taken you 25 minutes, i'd have done it in 20.

    I will say that you have it slightly easier as you have bought the whole lot in one go, i am still piecing together a shopping list, and it isnt balancing at the moment!!! i think my exhaust will be bodged together from the original to save some money!!
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  14. Mate, I don't envy you at all..... this is a battle and a half even with a kit that is pretty much there. Once I'm up and running if you fancy a hand when it comes to fitting it all I don't mind coming over for a day......

    Have you access to a motor club or garage with ramps? Doing this on your back will be a labour of love!
  15. Oh it's gonna be done on my back in my garage, can have it up on all four axle stands though. It'll be fine!!!

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  16. Wishing it was that simple, I simply think it's extortionate what is charged for these engines alone
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    Welcome to the world of supply and demand.
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  18. The engines are the cheap bit.... can be readily picked up for £3-800. It's the work and parts that are required to make it work in the van that makes it more expensive. Having embarked on my project with an almost ready made kit I can't stress enough that the work required shouldn't be under estimated.

    6 days of straight 8's in a fully equipped commercial garage and I'm still going.

    If I was to do it again I'm sure I'd be much faster and would design out of my build some of the things that have slowed me down but then isn't that what makes businesses like Fellows and RJES viable, they trade on their experience and understanding of what is required coupled with the safe knowledge that this kind of work is inaccessible to many and unwanted to many more. If I had £7k that I couldn't think of more pressing things to spend it on then I'd definitely be in the que to save myself the grief.
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  19. Couldn't agree more, I put the idea off because of the head ache I found to be involved, the engine i have is saved for a beetle project, my bus will forever remain aircooled cause of the head aches, I must apologise as I am still getting used to this forum and quoting a comment, but was referring to the people who are charging thousands for the recon engine on it's own before you even think about diving into the cost for everything else
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