It's on, Subaru power here we come!

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by CandyCamper, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Or put another way - no more than a sorted out full Type 4 motor.
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  2. Come on CC don't be coy
    Your good lady will find out how much
    You've spent
    Ask me how I know
    You spend it how you wish
    Be Happy :):thumbsup:
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  3. @monkeyvanwestybike , what someone spends on their camper is their business. Just because you know how much a fellows installation costs doesn't mean that is what they all cost. Everyone chooses their own way to go with their camper. You being on your high horse all the time is getting pretty boring to be honest.

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  4. Doesn`t matter what it costs - his money although i do find it amusing the wife MADE him do it ... :rolleyes:

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  5. Having owned my van for 23 years
    I have spent more money on it than the cost of a silly Japanese engine
    I am not high
    And I'm not on a horse
    And I'm not bothered how bored you are either darling :)
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  6. Yup, that's a bite.
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  7. redoxide

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    I would have loved to fit a subby to mine.. indeed I bought the engine and full kit from a fellow Late bayer .. then afetr fiding out that lowering it and fitting the subby was even more work I decided to sell the subby kit .. the original seller bought it all back LOL fro the proceeds I bought a new 1641 and some twin carbs .. well OK I had to add to the selling price but at the end of the day the subby conversion wouldt have cost any more than it did to buy and fit the new VW unit.. by the time the extras were added and all the other stuff .. Im resigned to the slow lane LOL.. Go for it .. I would love a run in a subby powered one ...

    The problem I would have had was with the sump to ground clearance ,, and rad to ground clearance .. and I was just to lazy to work it all out .. :(
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  8. No Nipper:p
  9. I think as time goes by the quality and availability of aircooled stuff is going to dictate the need to explore other power plants. This option suits me.

    I was positively champing at the bit for @pkrboo 's engine and box, as it seemed a quick soloution to my lack of motive power following the damage done to my AD motor, and would have bought it. However the timing wasn't right, and I don't have endless hours available to put a type 4 together just now ( as much as I'd like to ) and I needed the power upgrade. Perhaps not as much as this lump advertises but more never the less. So it's a simple fact of what suits. Buying a large capacity type 4 and all the associated running gear looked to be a rather pricey day out. When buying rather than building how do you know for sure that there's not a load of Chinese parts buried in there?

    I'm happy with my choice and looking forward to a new way of enjoying a bus that I have been travelling about in since I was 8.
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  10. I know that :)

    And I also know people will use this
    Thread to have a go back at me
    Maybe it's of my own doing
    I can't help it
    It's just how it is
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  11. [​IMG]

    That's the aircooled lump out for the last time..... setting off in the morning to pick up the scooby lump.

    I'll make sure I document all the trials and tribulations over the next week as I do battle fitting all the kit.....
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  12. Good to see you are going to put the worthwhile 2.5 Subaru engine in rather than one of those weedy little
    2ltr ones that can barely push the van up a slight incline at any real speed.

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  13. Oh dear lord..... is there not enough squabbling with the Aircooled v's Watercooled brigade that you have to start the EJ20 v EJ25 debate lol....
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  14. @Baysearcher ....:)
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  15. Someone had to...
  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    1 word (or is it 2?)
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  17. ej25 is the way i would go! mated to a scooby 5 speed with decent rads and fans on thermo switches overheating wouldnt be an issue
    or hasnt for the fellas running them in the heat of the US
  18. This one has been running without issue since 2014..... so I'm feeling confident the cooling system is up to the job.

    The chap sent me the invoice for the rebuild the motor had at the time of conversion. It's eye watering...... but very nice to know the lump has had recent reset.
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  19. Really you need one of the turbo ones to make it worth doing
  20. H6 or nothing! :p
    Four cylinders is only good for lawnmowers...
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