It's been a while....

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourselves' started by Wonty, May 18, 2019.

  1. Now then, how you all doing?

    Its been a while, hope to catch up with what's been going on over the next week or so, look forward to chatting to you in the coming posts...

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  2. How do!
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  3. Nice to have some of the Aussie contingent back
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  4. Gday..:hattip:
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  5. G'day all - good to see you all also, feeling a bit dusty this end; been to the footie and be on the juice a while today - so I'll apologise in advance! :-D
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  6. Welcome back
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  7. Cheers fella! Most appreciated.
  8. Welcome back :thumbsup:
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  9. Cheers Barry! Most appreciated
  10. A dingo ate my baby. :(
  11. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Can you pop around to @Terrordales gaff and check in on him please.

    Using Crocodile Dundee etc as a reference....there are so few people in Aus, you probably know each other anyway, you could use your Fried up combi....we can wait as you mention above you have a head full of zombie.

    Strange ladies....we have them....though am not betting on you getting breakfast.
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  12. Don is alive and well and even posted on FB some construction work up a ladder he was doing last week!
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  13. From the photos, his H&S efforts are a little worrying

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  14. Don't go that far into the outback these days :-D I'm a coastal boy these days :-D
  15. Oddly last weekend I was actually quite close to where he lives.... In Australian terms :-D
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