is this fuel hose correct for my year tank

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  1. while i have taken the engine and box out to sort the gearbox out over the winter i decided i better do the fuel lines
    my bay is a 1977 with round fuel cap
    i bought this off ebay for a good price its brand new never fitted
    its a vwhertige part Part ID: 211-201-125/SHORT
    its the looks the same as the one on my bus but vwhertige say this is for 68-72
    see link
    the one they say is for 72 on looks nothing like the one on my van
    have vwhertige made a mistake or have i got the wrong tank in my van
    i will be changing all the other rubber pipes aswell also the new pipe dosent have and weiv in it like the old one is this normal
  2. im sure my 75's like that a short rubber hose to a bent steel pipe that goes to a 90 degree elbow that is usually rottern that screws behind the cap flange
  3. If you look at your tank a 73on van has a twist in tank sender, upto 73 is held in by 6x screws. a 77on tank should have the fuel line outlet welded on not screwed on like earlier vans

    ps my van looks like the lower picture
  4. my tank has the twist type sender with with the fuel outlet welded on so should be the correct tank then, like i say this pipe looks the same as whats on my van just woundered why vwhertige part number says it fits upto 72 cheers for the help
  6. must just have it listed wrong in catalogue?
  7. cheers thanks alot guys
  8. Since my tank has the later twist in fuel sender and welded outlet pipe.....
  9. I'll find out tomorrow, my van is a 79 and I bought the long pipe with the bend in it from heritage like their catalogue stated. My vans having some work done on it and I've asked the guy to change the all the fuel pipes at the same time....... Worried now that I've bought the wrong one :(
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    My 76 has the expensive pipe with the bend. l was looking over a 79 that had the short pipe.
  14. Birdy

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    Chris you are right. It is confusing. The best way to find out what yours is is to remove the black disc in the O/S engine compartment and have a feel. You'll know immediately what one you need. The grey metal filler neck pipe will be longer than the one in the picture and you won't be able to feel the bend in the rubber pipe.

  16. Birdy is right - like for like is the best comparison. I have the long pipe with the 90 degree bend and mines a hybrid 74 cobbled together out of parts bin crap in South Africa

    have a look here with a link to the correct parts
  18. As I recall, very Late bays had a shorter curvy rubber bit and a longer metal pipe. I bought the full-size Heritage part for my 78, but had to cut the straight section down by a few inches.

    Longer+curve for earlier Bays, mebbe?

    So...the second VWH bit is right, but may need to be cut down.
  19. Just found out my pipe is the short one :( just ordered a new one and I'll send the expensive sucker back.

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