Is there a right time to buy?

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  1. pal :(
  2. I watched a few on E bay September time, obviously approaching christmas when money is tight.
    I let the adverts run out then privately messaged the sellers letting them know what I had to spend, this was in fact a few thousand less than their advertisement. I wasn't trying to con them, I was just honest. I got quite a few replies and people interested in selling to me. I bought my current bay £2000 under the asking price.
  3. Yes there is a right time to buy... unfortunately we missed it by 10 years.... you probably need to start looking at type 25s before they take off... there the next big thing ;)
  4. I've been watching the prices on auction sites for a couple of months and the prices just seem to be climbing and climbing and the quality seems to be going down.. Seems everyone is looking to cash in on people wanting a bus for the summer. Now is not the time to buy I'd say. I'm gonna look in winter/early spring.

    Here's a quick example.. There was a tin top advertised no reserve not too far from me so I'd thought I'd keep an eye on it. With a day to go it hadn't reached 6k. Mot history showed tester had commented on the about of patched repairs underneath. With a day to go the auction was pulled and relisted with a buy it now price of 12k. It's not on there now so I guess it sold.

    Ive seen some today piles of 5hit that to even my untrained eye I wouldn't touch listed at nearly 8k when two months ago they were more like 4K.

    There was a dealer with a resto project bus listed at 28k!!!!!

    Time to take a deep breath and be thankful that I'm not buying till 2017 and my first port of call will be the classifieds on here!!!!

    Happy hunting people.
  5. With your budget you could get an excellent T25 or a rusted T2.
  6. You know what. I saw a t25 yesterday and shock horror it didn't actually look that bad. Others I've seen look really dated but not in a good way. But like a green bathroom suite.
  7. Just before or just after Christmas. Poor time to sell a classic but great time to buy one :thumbsup:
  8. Best time to buy is on this Friday. The overwhelming vote to remain in the EU will bring about a disastrous price crash for t2 bays, alongside a shortage of toughened gussets for folk with crotch rot. Bide your time friends, vote in , for cheap camper vans *

    *Sponsored by kettle chips, who don't sell crisps to foreigners
  9. The autosleeper trident seems the most sought after, high top, high spec. Late ones with square headlamps are best. Have a look at one, you don't have to buy, look and get another option for your money. T25 has more space, better handling and steering. They still rot of course.
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  10. I wonder if the one I saw was a trident then. It had some body additions which made it look less like a moon rover from blakes seven.
  11. Yeah I love the T3 autosleeper, looks good and good conversion :thumbsup:
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    i think the price of all classics is rocketing, i've been looking at old landies....... things i could have had for a grand 5 years ago when i defected to vw are 3.500 now...
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  13. Is there a reason to look at square headlight versions apart from looks?
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    No don't do it, you want a bay buy a bay or always regret it ;)
    Although @mgbman come over as head of recruitment for club 80/90 he has in fact got a bay himself :D & most T25s have ugly great upturned boats on the roof!
  15. I am coming from a position of knowledge of the T25 as my son has had one for 6 years and we have done a lot of work on it throughout and its ongoing. I have driven the T25 a lot so I know the different driving experience.

    The folks on the club8090 forum have been very helpful during our work on the van and continue to be. I have a lot of mgbman threads on there. I have pointed a few folks on here to the club8090 forum when they have asked about roller painting their vans with Rustoleum as there is a great thread on the subject with loads of useful pics and advice.

    Re boats on roofs, of course quite a lot of Bays have the same in various shapes and forms.

    There are folks on here who have T4's or T5's and they like the vw camper scene, but prefer a modern van. Times are changing and I have been to a few vw events where the T5's are very much in the majority.

    Hopefully myself and others on here are helping you take a broader view on camper ownership.
  16. Interesting one that eBay link. Obviously it's got the wrong kind of roof. Given that the body work needs attention, and for my taste I'd want a new interior and the engines bound to need some mechanicals. What do you think a more realistic price for that van should be. Cos I don't think that's 8k's worth. However to be fair the underside looks not too bad. Rails, floor, out riggers and jacking points seem straight to a dumb arsenal like me. What's under the belly pan God only knows. And it's rhd. Given the work that would be needed to make it a good looking good running example, my rough calculation says you wouldn't want to spend more than 4K on that if you didn't want to end up with a finished bus worth a lot less than it cost to put it right. Unless you can do a huge amount of the work yourself. But not every one wants to undertake a full on resto for three years.

    Your thoughts expert type people.
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    There is no such thing as an excellent T25 (or any T25 for that matter)!
  18. Baysearcher

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    Without actually seeing it who knows what a fair price would be.
    My first guess though is that it's not a million miles away.
  19. With that roof? Lol

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