Is it easy to swap blown 2L pancake for 1600 Type 4?

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by Wispy, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. Hi all. It's been a long time since I've been on here, please don't take it personally!

    Last weekend the 2L pancake engine in our Bay blew up on our way home from Dorset Volksfest (brilliant festival, highly recommended). It managed to blow a sizeable hole in the engine casing.

    As this engine has always been a pain to get people to work on, I was wondering if I'd be better off swapping it for a 1600 Type 4 engine instead. Is this a fairly straight forward thing to do, compared to putting another pancake engine in? I mean for an actual mechanic, not me. Does it connect to the gearbox in the same way? Or would I need to change a lot of other bits at the same time?


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  2. I think its been done by someone on here, I am certain they'll be along shortly to help. I think you need a type4 accelerator cable, at the very least.

    The Type4 is a better motor buy design, imho, but I do accept its more expensive to keep going. You have to start modding a type1 to get it close to a stock type4, external oil filter, bigger cooler etc and in theory the type4 has a stronger case.

    If you go type1, get at least a 1641 like @mikedjames, otherwise you'll feel it on the hills.
  3. You would have to change the gearbox as well or at least the crown wheel and pinion, otherwise it wouldn't pull a dog off a bitch. Type 4 engine is a far better engine.
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  4. Didn't @davidoft have a pancake/type4 engine for sale?

    Some on here would talk you into a scooby engine, to be fair to them, that is also an option, albeit not as simple as replacing what you have.

    A friend of mine got a 2 liter vega recon engine when his cam went flat, apart from a dreadfully clattery hydraulic lifter, its been worth the money.
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    They are stronger and more resilient engines, cost more to repair but break much less, in relation to engine bay etc, no changes if you get a bay engine, throttle cable, gearbox isn’t always necessary
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    I ran a 6rib 2litre box in a stock 1600 no problem. Just needed a bell housing and input shaft.

    You’d also need tins, exhaust etc.

    A 1600 is perfectly capable of pushing a bus along. Changing to 1641 will make approximately zero noticeable difference.
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