Internal Lighting

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  1. Agreed :D

    No pics i`m afraid but 2 of these worked for me as dimmable reading lights sunk into the base of the rear hatch cover / headbaner .

    I alus struggled with old 5w bulbs being a bit too bright . These are dimmable and can be switched off individually as they are push on/off meaning if you only need one on as the missus wants to get to sleep give it a tap and hers swithes off , then dim yours - ACE !!

    Remote 12v dimmer was a gift from @paul2590 but they are cheap as chips :thumbsup:

    These are a relly good solution to reading lights above the bed ;)

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  2. These might help. Very good series that covers pretty much everything you need to know about fitting out an interior. Obviously needs adapting to a bay but some good stuff in about 50 videos I think.
  3. IMG_0276.jpg welcome to the the Bazmobile
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  4. I'm impressed with the curved look. Is this painted thin ply over cnc routed softwood frame?
  5. Flexible ply and Formica

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  6. Sorry not a great photo and not yet finished but pretty happy with how it seems to be going. A good amount of light and not really noticeable when not in use.


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