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  1. Hi guys,

    I’m currently doing an interior refresh in my camper at the moment. I’ve laid down some dodo mat sound deadening on the floors and the outer panels, I’ve put down the dodo Mat pro van floor liner aswell.

    I did similar in my old bug and it made a big difference to noise.

    My main question is what should I use for flooring and should I lay down a sheet of ply in the cargo area first?

    I was thinking of buying a carpet set for the cab from mad mats or similar if they’re any good.

    If I go with carpet it would be good to match it all the way through the van to warm it up abit or stick with rubber mat in the front and do the rear sections in something else.

    These kits looked quite tidy

    But I’m abit stuck with what I want to do in the back... thoughts and pics welcome!

    I’ll get some pics up of what I’ve done so far in day light, I’ve been impressed with the dodo gear
  2. I did this:- closed cell foam insulation down first, (that's the dark grey stuff) 9mm exterior ply over the top, followed by solid wood flooring reflective underlay with lino over the top.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  3. I went for Foil insulation, ply then cork tiles
  4. Thanks for the suggestions guys, so either way it looks like I’m going to need a layer of ply?

    I do like the sock idea with the easy clean vinyl tiles, they look good too
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