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  1. So I’m starting to look at the leisure electrics in the van now and what lighting I want in the back. I’m thinking a strip light down each side then a pair of spots at the back for reading etc. What’s everyone else gone for? Any pics much appreciated.

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  2. We have six Leds but they are very bright I'm going to look at putting a dimmer switch on.[​IMG]

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    I have same lights as above, but only 2, 1 each side. Then 1 led on the pop top for reading 'uptop'
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  4. I have the original Westy light, which gives a gorgeous filament glow, plus 6 LEDs set into the roof. A reading light sounds like a good idea.
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  5. LED tape light works well, I had it in my last van I'll see if I can find a picture later
  6. image.jpeg
    It was just run down each side just above the grab handles,
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  7. Awesome headlining!

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    Me too. It's a nice warm jaffa glow:p I got the original light working with help from this very place...good ol tlb.
  9. 2 swivel spots in overhead locker for reading
    2 swivel spots in cab over swivel seats
    1 swivel strip over sink
    1 swivel strip over worktop
    1 swivel strip over sliding door

    all switched individually and movable so can light up different areas like pop top or outside the sliding door etc:
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  10. Forgot about the fairy lights [​IMG]

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  12. I've got some original candles from the 70s man
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  13. Disco in your van at the next TE?
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  14. I don't really like the LEDs glow, but they use much less power for much more light.
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  15. The LED modules these days might be less bluey coloured, of course. @JamesLey get warm white if you don't like that modern cold blue look.
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  16. I think the ones I'm looking at are advertised as cool white and "simulates that of a fluorescent tube" so hopefully not too blinding!
  17. Warm white is nicer, in my humble.
  18. x2 for warm white. Cool white looks awful. I’ve got warm white festoon bulbs in the cab and side interior lights, plus a Hella interior light’n’spot in the side of the headbanger cupboard base. Extend the side interior light wiring loom to the rear of the van.
  19. Cheers guys, still putting my list together of electric gubbins so I'll try and find some warm white's instead.

    @snotty, by side interior light do you mean the lights that are switched via the cab doors and dash knob? Any pics of the headbanger light?
  20. The load area light is switched by the sliding door switch on mine. I’ll post a pic of the Hella one later.
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