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  1. I am looking for an insurance company that will give me an agreed valuation. Mine is up for renewal on the 16th and I am wondering who is using what. I have searched the site but not found any topics. Thanks in advance, Steve.
  2. I used Just Kampers and they do agreed value
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  3. Do they use Adrian Flux?
  4. Merlin Cat

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    Carole Nash do too
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  5. I use Just Kampers who do agreed valuation, you just have to send them 6 pictures
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  6. Baysearcher

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    Carole Nash for the win.
    Personally I wouldn’t touch Flux with a sh7tty stick.
  7. Just Kampers
  8. Just Kampers
  9. Comfort Insurance do agreed value once you send them pictures
  10. I have used JK in the past, but felt a little uncomfortable with the Adrian Flux issue as they really do have a rep for being difficult if you actually need to use them.
    Shopped around this last April; can’t remember why I didn’t go with Carole Nash in the end as they got so many thumbs up on here, maybe I couldn’t get through, anyhow I ended up with Cherished as they answered the phone straight away and also get good reviews. Agreed value was done by submitted photos, front, back, 2 sides, engine and interior.

    Hopefully I won’t have to find out if they are actually any good....
  11. I used Footman James last year but moved to JK this year as my premium went up to £272, JK came in at £132 for same policy with an agreed value of £20k
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  12. done mine a few weeks ago.

    jk = £160
    rhs = £75 with free uk breakdown

    just need to work out how to claim the free £50 from JK as they couldn't beat rhs
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  13. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    I don’t think anyone has ever got the £50 JK voucher!
    RH are good. I claimed with them and they were great to deal with. I’d still be with them if they didn’t ramp the price up massively after 2 years.
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  14. I nearly fell asleep reading the T&Cs for that £50 voucher so won't bother.

    RH sorted a flat bed recovery when I broke down about an hour after taking out insurance with them. Must have looked so suspicious. But they sorted it and got me home.
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  15. Thanks so much for the advice, I went with JC and insured by Agias and saved myself £170 a year. One happy chappie here.
  16. Bazza, how did this get you agreed valuation :eek:
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    Just re-insured the van after a year and a bit off the road - had a good deal from Cherished who have always been helpful and have good people on the phone that you can discuss modifications with and understand what you are talking about.

    We don't often talk about good service, I am happy with that I've just received from Cherished.
  18. I'll secomd Cherished.

    Only thing is, I think you have to keep your bus in a garage to get cover.
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  19. A-Plan might be able to help, they are a broker but my mine on an agreed value.
  20. Cherished is part of A-Plan now.

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