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  1. I own a 79 panel van yes it still has its side and roof . I just had the all the bodywork done also replaced all brakes including front calipers rebuilt disc pads and all pipe work .also all new suspension front and back . Now the problem is my engine it's a 2 ltr and there seems to be no mid range . First and second is ok but can't get it to 3rd or 4th it seems like there's nothing there . Is there something I'm missing . What would a full built engine with reliable running be
    Any help would be good thanks
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    Its got no power or it won't go into gear?
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    Rod adjustment or plate at the bottom of the gearstick would be my first call
  5. I think he's reffering to lack of power - have you checked timing? Is the dizzy and rotor in good condition?
  6. This ^^^
    Back to basics , might be worth looking at the plug colour to see how it`s running for starters ....

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  7. Thanks for the replies done all the normal checks and still none the better . The gears are all there but when I go from 2nd to 3rd it bogs down and could not pull a skin off a rice pud .
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  8. Type 4's can wear their cams out, no valve lift, the cams gone 'soft'. If all else looks ok, and it's fine at low revs, but runs out of power as revs increase, then check your cam by checking valve lift.
  9. Thanks for the reply this sound like what is going on . How do I check the valve lift .

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