In or Out

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In or Out

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  1. In

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  2. Out

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  3. Undecided

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  4. need more unbiased information

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  1. Oh yeah! Ive not had my glasses on today :eek:
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  2. ive heard we have gota give our vws back if we are out so for that reason im out :D
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  3. I agree , 39 against one...:D

    I recon Angela merkel had gone round telling everyone to vote ,then after we will stuff em...:thumbsup:

    no country will vote to get less money (child benefit etc),unless they had a secret handshake...:hattip:

  4. I am thinking of coming into France hidden with my family in the back of an empty lime tanker and we are all chavs and expect everything the French authority's throw at us ...hopefully not the Guillotine .;)
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  5. I am Australian but have been following the Brexit debate....and if I was a UK citizen I would be definitely voting to exit the EU.Merkel is a mad woman.I read the Guardian online....because it's free and an article in today's paper urging a stay in argument said all the big banks including Holman Sachs
  6. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    It seems unlikely but the word on the street ;) Is that tomorrow Boris will go for out
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  7. Annoying pressed post reply before ready.Banks...Goldman Sachs want UK to stay in.Consider if Turkey a nation of 80million blackmails its way into the EU as seems likely...consider the immigration implications of this.Cameron has been clever though...the referendum has been called during the Euro footy and Glastonbury Festival.
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  8. Interesting....Boris wants to be PM eventually...perhaps he's done some private polling and wants to be on the winning side.
  9. It's all a sop to try to assuage divisions within the Tory Party, plus a cheap anti-immigration tack on to grab the dimwit racist vote come election time...the real agenda is (of course) protection measures for the City of London ie Private Banking....same old same old...nothing on social justice, democracy, worker's rights, TTIP...they clearly don't give a flying feck about the UK, Great Britain, call it what you will...power, self-interest and money........they are morally bankrupt
  10. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Your lefty minority issues are becoming more and more extreme with every thread
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  11. I am impressed you know what he is on about ,I hav'nt a clue...:D
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  12. OUT
  13. See Vaporaks answer is the problem, anytime someone says they would like to reduce immigration some looney leftie comes along and plays a racist card. I am all for controlling our borders better, but having been in hospital recently I am aware that the NHS relies on a large number of non-uk staff and that other migrants make a positive contribution and all those people are most welcome, but its time to be able to take back control. At the other end of the spectrum I think we have enough self employed car washers and beggars.

    As regards the vote, I do not believe Cameron, I do not trust him nor the Europeans, if there is anything in this deal he has achieved (and there appears not much) then it is probably because the rest of the EU at least those with any financial clout want us to remain in the EU, ask yourself why? I don't know the detail but it can only be because our net contribution is greater than what we get out.

    Europe has continued to 'integrate' to such an extent that the project is running away with itself, what started out as a small group of trading nations is now a vast number and you can bet your bottom dollar that it won't be long before we see another group of financially insecure countries joining. We continue to have less of a voice/control on matters which effect the uk and I expect the applying of a red card will have little impact on most occasions, simply when out numbered we will have no choice but to do what we're told.

    As regards security I struggle to see that there will be a major difference, NATO has provided that at the top end Trident will ensure we are still a major player in that arena. and there will still be collaboration between countries when it comes to other security matters.

    I guess its rather clear but just in case anyone is in any doubt I'll be voting to leave. I hope for the sake of our kids enough other people will have drawn the same conclusion.
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  14. Pod


    It's certainly not perfect but I believe that overall we are better off in, we can't ever go back to 'the good old days' where half of the world was pink. It's a different world these days and by going it alone we will just become less significant, does anyone actually believe in our special relationship with the US or that we really influence world affairs?

    What do we actually have as we import more than we produce? Oil looked good for a while if you lived north of the border but look where that is now. Our manufacturing output has dropped year on year for decades so why cut ties with our biggest trading partner?

    These are the the things i feel we need to consider rather than just the horror stories about immigration and straight bananas.
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  15. It's high time we stopped importing and start producing, for ourselves if no one else. The eu makes it all too easy to buy foreign goods (look at all these old buses!). If we leave, we can put the money we save into regenerating our manufacturing industries and pass laws to make importing less desirable. Let's face it, the Yanks do that so why not us?
  16. Pod


    True, but it's the low cost / low wage producers such as China etc that are a bigger problem than the EU so that's not easy to stop. To add to the problem, society want's everything for nothing so i don't believe people would back this policy if they realise their pockets will be hit.
  17. I think when you look at the stats you can see how important a member of NATO we are that isn't going to change.

    And then when you look at the economic stats you can understand why some countries want us to remain inside the EU.

    Are we suddenly going to be removed from the G8 group of countries I think highly unlikely?

    So I am not convinced by the view that our voice will be weaker outside the EU, it doesn't seem very strong within
  18. I'm still not sure whether I trust the govt in London over the govt in Brussels. 'will my cost of living go up or down?' if we leave. it's likely up in both instances, but how fast?

    Britain always made its money as a pirate nation. Looting European operations, like the Spanish Main, or confining the french to port, after the war we looted Germany , which is why we have bay window buses. At present we make an enormous (seriously enormous) amount from the City of London, as a result of the Eurodollar system. This keeps the lights on. Manufacturing/mining/agriculture....not so much at all.

    Europe hates our financial sector and wants it for Frankfurt. So really, we can survive without Europe and prosper, but only (motto of the merchant navy). 'If we keep the sea lanes open'.
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  19. My heart says get out whilst my head says stay in - however - Cameron is now saying that Europe will want paying for us to continue trading with them - and that we will still have to take migrants if we want to trade - how will that work when we buy more from Europe than they take from us?
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  20. In or out I don't think buying or selling abroad will make much difference to the layman. Back in the day to sell abroad was probably quite difficult. But now we have the internet you can buy/sell almost anything to anyone anywhere.

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