Improving Rubbish Brakes

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  1. Sponginess is down to one thing only , air in the system , if you bleed and bleed and cant get rid of the air, your drawing air from a loose pipe/hose connection or tired seals in master cylinder or wheel cylinders .. If you went for the budget brake parts , good luck.. :( Ive seen asian wheel cylinders full of metal swarf .. so I now strip new wheel cylinders clean them and reassemble them before use..

    Excess travel on the pedal is down to incorrect adjustment of the rear brakes, brake shoes tend not to be the same radius as the drums .. Fit new drums, and shoes, adjust the shoes up snug and spin the drum, whip the drum off and check out the high spots on the shoes , those few areas are the actual braking contact with the drum.. There used to be a machine that you used to radius new shoes but, they havent been used for decades, sanding the high spots and trying again goes a long way to achieving a full contact surface area.. :) tedious but effective

    JK front pads just need removed and threw in the bin.. Quality front pads all the way.. Decent front pads will make a big difference to brake efficiency

    if your adjusting the rear brakes release the park brake adjustment first, then adjust the shoes, press the brake a few times, re check the drum and re adjust if required, press the brake again.

    then adjust the park brake cables

    I usually pull the park brake on 4 notches then adjust the cables until the rear wheels are locked , then let the park brake off and check the rear wheels are free , pump the pedal again, then pull the park brake on 3 or 4 notches and recheck the drums, readjust if required .. :)

    good brakes, good steering and good tyres .. the 3 things that keep you right way up on the blackstuff..
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