Importing from europe ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gumbo, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. Sorry these questions have probably been asked before :-

    what's the deal with bringing in cars from the continent..
    do you need to pay tax at customs ?
    how difficult is it to uk register?
    anything else to be considered?
  3. What if it's not road worthy , on a trailer , project style ?
  4. on trailer drag it home, register it when road worthy ;) job done
  5. Anybody actually done this ?
  6. If you find one up here I'll drive it to you :)
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    I wouldn't think import tax applies if it comes from within the EU.
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    not done it yet but my bay is swedish so gotta register it soon, but have been to local dvla office, there is no import duty in within the EU though you still have to fill in the paperwork, you can drive it or trailer it no problems, duty is usually paid if required when registered if not already paid at the dock etc. log book or equivilant is always useful to have, still need to mot and isure to register as with any other vehicle.

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