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  1. I have just come across this as I received a letter from Askmid, basically this is the government authority that checks to see if vehicles are insured (I assume by using on road cameras) anyway, I received a letter stating that my vehicle is NOT insured ! I called them immediatly and after a rather lengthy message and options section I pressed number one and got another automated message !!!!! zzzzzzz anyway, the message tells you to contact your insurance company, which I did (Cherished insurance) The lady I spoke with confirmed that I am insured but she would contact the actual underwriter and check why I am not showng on the government database. 3 mins later she called me back and confirm it was due to the fact that I initially insured the vehicle on my chassis number. They are now rectifying this and updating it, but for those of you with imported vehicles, please take the time to visit the following web site and check yours.

    It's free and all you do is enter your reg details and it tells you if you are on the database or not, if not, call your insurance or risk a tug by Mr Bobby Copper.

    P.S Big thanks to cherished for sorting it our promptly ;D
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    Checked Bolly and all good, i too insured for the 1st 30 days on chassis number so it obviously isn't a total issue of imports, could be down to the insurance company doing there bit when you eventually tell them your reg no. i'm with Peter James.
  3. I did the same & insured on the chassis number...all is good here, we show up as insured!
  4. I insured mine on the USA plates - that way when you're driving it and the police do a check it shows up. When I reregistered it I checked with DVLA to see if I need to amend the insurance to match the new plates. They said I should but its not law - so long as I have cover on it (they use that cover to register it and to issue the tax disc). This will stop the van showing up as uninsured on roadside cameras etc.

    As Cherished charge a sizeable 'admin' fee to change it I didn't bother
  5. yep we are on the data base...its all good :)
  6. Mine was insured on the Chasis no. but changed to Reg no. and shows up as insured :) so all good.

    Good link Dubious :thumbsup:
  7. am bringing my camper back from france next month to live back in uk . who did you use to insure on chassis no because i need to re import camper and another car and after speaking to dvla last week they put me through to a list of specialist brokers and after the quote they give me i nearly through phone through window (robbing b******s ) i only pay 140euro fully comp with breakdown , any info greatly appreciated .ta
  8. cant you bring it back on your French insurance and leave it registered there till you have the mot sorted and then insure it in the uk when your ready for uk reg docs
  10. i can keep it on french insurance for three mnths out of france .dvla wont issue uk reg no without uk insurance .its going straight in garage when i get back not driving it in winter she never seen salty roads . i will give cherished a call thanks
  11. Hi i use RH Specialist car division

    i insure mine on chassis number as it is still not registered on uk plates as its not MOT ready yet.

    insured for damage and theft as it is garaged and not used on the road, all for less than £45.00 a year.

    let me know if you need the number and i'll dig it out for you..
  12. Sadly I can tell you what happens next! They send you a fixed penalty notice for 100 quid. I've just returned my notice with a copy of my insurance cover note (originally on the chassis number but updated to reg. no. several weeks ago) and in force since Oct 2011 - but without their 100 quid. I rather suspect that may not be the end of the matter ...

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