WANTED Ignition housing assy

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  1. Managed to bugger up my ignition housing assembly big styleee :(
    So this is for a 1970 prototype and I`d like the steering lock / ignition housing part no 211 905 887 A
    Ignition lock barrel and keys,
    Alloy stay / shroud but that's not too important.
    Tried to replace the barrel with a little hole in the top of the stay and it went down hill from there. ;)
    So,,, what ya got :)

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,,,, one more on the list :);):)
  2. You have an answer on EB
  3. Still looking for 887 A, ignition housing.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,pllllleeeeeease !:)
  4. Like this if there’s one out there somewhere EFA6AC5E-0691-4CC8-8C36-3394D106228C.jpeg
  5. davidoft

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    What’s broken about it?
  6. I hid that bit :eek: I’d drilled through the top to release the ignition keyed barrel and got my hair off because I couldn’t get it out, then I drilled the old barrel out (poorly) and that seems to have buggered it’s innards as in, it don’t work smooth no more. So I’m now contemplating popping the flat cover off and pulling the bar and mechanism out then refitting it so it’s just an ignition barrel holder with no steering lock.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,, seemed a good idea at the time :)
  7. Might see it on here 5063BA17-80A5-48AF-9A6A-7086FA77A090.jpeg
  8. 4494E6C8-C92F-4F39-AAD2-789936513039.jpeg
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    Pop the square cover off,there’s not much to them, see which bits duff, have you got all the barrels out, got more pictures? In the end where the barrel goes in
  10. davidoft

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    I think the bottom of the original barrel may still be in there
  11. I was fannying around with that last night and I was struggling to get the cover off nicely and it was only peined on a couple of times each side. I need to find something thin to slide down the ledge crack. Again, tried to do it quick as drinking partners were enroute to force me up the pub, the dirty rotten gits. I might have more concentration this evening as there’s a coven meeting at mine so I’ll be escaping to the sanctuary of the man cave / garage once they’ve parked their broom sticks.

    Ozziedog,,,,,,,,,,, my ears just wouldn’t take it:);):)
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