Idle Speed Adjuster Dellorto FRDA 36

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  1. 20180711_195807.jpg Can someone show me where the idle speed screw is on my carbs please.. 20190330_141659.jpg
  2. Sorry not much of help here but they are not drla’s..

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  3. Absolutely correct FRDA36! thanks, edited..
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  4. I’d think the screw in the centre of your first pic is the idle mixture. The idle speed will be adjusted by tweaking the joints on the linkage itself equally, then balancing them.
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  5. Is that the idle adjuster by the carb mounting bolt in the top pic – horizontal screw onto the throttle shaft lever? Tweak the linkage so that both carbs are balanced; easy with a synchrometer.

    By the way, it would be better for the engine and the environment if the crankcase breather were connected to the air filter. And where is the fuel tank breather connected?
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  6. Fuel tank breather goes into top of right hand air filter and the crankcase breather is on my list of things to do..
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  7. You’ll probably find it easier to connect the crankcase breather to the RH air filter and the fuel tank breather to the LH.
  8. Yeah, looks that way :thumbsup:
  9. Idle Speed sorted :thumbsup:
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  10. :thumbsup:
  11. How?
  12. Turned the screw a about half a turn on the left carb and it slowed a bit.. Didn't need to mess with the link.. Running well now :)
  13. Which screw? Did you check the carb balance afterwards? You may have one side of the engine trying to run faster than the other.
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  14. Just the screw that stops the spring loaded bar dropping right back, it was already wound back on the other side so now equal. Didn't touch the mixture screw.. Will check with a syncrometer when I get one..
  15. That sounds like the accelerator pump rod.
  16. :thinking: So that slowed down the idle speed, but I guess that's not what I should have adjusted..?
  17. If it slowed the idle it probably was the correct screw – but I don’t know which screw you’ve turned. The red circle is the accelerator pump rod; the blue arrow (I think) is the idle screw.

    Dell FRDA tlb.jpg
  18. Did you know someone's left a socket wrench on your engine? I'd keep it.
  19. Yep, the blue one is the one I adjusted :thumbsup:
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  20. Yeah, socket is nice but it def runs better with HT leads.. Was halfway through changing plugs, took a photo of the angle one it was seated for putting the new ones in..

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