I saw ‘ possibly ‘ the stupidest driving ever today. And it was a fellow lorry driver!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Poptop2, Nov 8, 2018.

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    On my way back down the M6 at about 3.30 this afternoon. As I got to the M5 split where it’s effectively 5 lanes, 3 for the M6 south on the right, and 2 for the M5 split to the left, I saw a artic in the 5th lane overtaking the slower moving traffic at quite a pace. Nobber was my first thought.

    I was carrying on southbound on the M6 and moved over to the 2nd M6 lane to pass standing traffic in 1. The next minute ‘ nobber’ is back in the correct overtaking lane up my backside just edging out enough to let me know he was there and wanting to get past. As I was overtaking a line of slow moving traffic I had to carry on until I was able to move back in, when I did, he was past me like a bullet. He was belting on to say the least.

    Obviously I gave him the Swa’nker sign as he passed, but it was then I noticed the the thing that clinched his title as the worst driver I have ever witnessed.

    His container had ‘ danger radioactive material on this vehicle’ plastered all over it in bone fide hazardous goods signs.

    Nobber of the year for him in my book!
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  2. Eek!
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  3. What’s the sappleing sign?
  4. no dash cam
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  5. Do we need to know :eek:?
  6. Poptop2

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    Sw’anker! ;)
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  7. Poptop2

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    Not in mine no, sadly :(
  8. He is probably trying to get rid of it quickly before he starts glowing, didn't think of that did ya :)
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    I thought he might at one point :eek:
  10. The radioactivity obviously gave him Super powers, "Super Tosser" :mad:
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  11. Perhaps the radioactive material was in the fuel tank? Nuclear powered artics can go very fast you know.
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    Load size envy....
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  13. Ferrying radioactive stuff with a short half life?

    Sorry mate, your an hour late, thats half your load gone off...
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  14. For the radioactive bit do we need to refer back to the stool thread :thinking:
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  15. At least with a load of radioactive waste, you don't need reversing lights on the trailer :thumbsup:
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  16. You're thinking of enriched pootonium
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  17. We buy that in Waitrose :thumbsup:
  18. dat'll be de turd toim yous mentioned them this week
  19. And I'm just off to Waitrose now! It's normally Asda with Asda FM, but I feel like something classical...
  20. Remember to be nice and polite to the "partners" when they've run out of Eritrean Yak's milk
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