I new I would do this!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nedfaux, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Every time I finish a project or get one to how I want it, I want a differant one! I cant seem to hang on to a VW for more than a year or two.

    So Im getting to the stage when Im thinking of letting the panel go :( Its not that its not a great bus in fact its my favorite VW I have had by far.

    Its solid and I love the way it looks So why do I feel the need to change , start all over again?

    Maybe one day I will find one that will be the one I keep forever. Or will I keep doing this forever?

    Has any had this problem?
  2. Dude i feel the same Gladys isnt finished yet but i know what I want to build next

  5. Only with women
  7. I'm a bit like that myself . usualy once a projects near finished I suddenly get the urge to sell up and start again .

    this time I'm gonna try my hardest to keep the panel AND get another project ...... I may eat my words though
  9. If your panel is your favorite ever why don't you sell the bug ?

    Plus+ I don't have the cash right now , you've kinda sprung this on me :D
  10. The bug is up for sale shortly but its really nothing special so not worth much I need a decent amount of money for my winter project :)
  11. I was offered a race car rolling chassis the other night best not if i want to live in the house not the workshop
  12. I'd love your panel Ned but it may take some convincing mrs gumbo that having 2 panel vans is a good idea :(

    how much are you looking for ? (wouldn't be surprised if you didn't know lol)
  13. I would say offers around the 7 mark only because thats what I was offered before.

    Its difficult to put a price on. :-
  15. It's worth 7 I think . You can't go to a paint shop and buy patina like that !

    If I was gonna sell mine I'd need at least 6.5k so yours is got to worth that lol
  16. you'll regret it
  17. I think I have seen pics of it before but put some up Ned I love panels and i am looking for another bus!! Is it a crossdresser by any chance that would help get it past Shell a little??? :-[ :-[
  18. Yeah thats it !! Love it I would buy tomorrow but Shell wants an early or splitty camper so I would struggle to get it past the "how about a??? " stage!! :-[ :-[
  19. Birdy

    Birdy Not Child Friendly

    I'd hate to start again. I usually keep a car for a long time. I've had the 104 for 12 years, the 504 for 7 and the bus for almost 3.

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