I keep killing starter motor!!

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by nightmonkey, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Hi I am on my 4th starter motor in 7 years! I have a 1800 type 4 bell housing and flywheel and I cant workout if it is an early or late motor. Also What makes do people recommend? Prices seam to run from £49.00 to £300+ The last one was just what GSF had in stock when I was on holiday and was about £79.
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  3. Sales pitch Alert......!
  4. What is it that they aren’t doing? And under what circumstances don’t they do it?
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    Mine was the factory original, was sweet ;), also on a side note I have a few spares ;)
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  6. I like the WASP or similar self supporting high torque ones ( brand new )
  7. PM me details
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  8. Just get slower and more reluctant to turn as they get older (much like myself)
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  9. But if you’ve had 4 starter motors in 7 years they’re not old. A refurbished Bosch should last many years but if you want to buy new, Powerlite starter motors are good – not cheap, but you won’t need to buy so many. https://www.powerlite-units.com/starters/rac808.html
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    Are you changing the bush when you change starters?
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  12. This could be partly down to poor ground straps - as the voltage drops the motor slows and tends to draw more current, resulting in more strain on brushes and contacts in the starter.

    Like compressors that blow fuses on extension leads but dont when plugged in directly to the ring main...
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