I have got myself a free scooby engine...

Discussion in 'Modified Shizzle' started by art b, Jul 20, 2015.

  1. He he he...

    None taken... :p

    Love you too... :thumbsup:
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  2. I have two Scoobies, both Prodrive chipped WRXs. One's done 215,000, the other 115,000. Neither has needed any engine work except servicing. And new air con belt tensioner wheel bearings at £30. The older one drinks a little more oil but still runs super smooth and as rapid as ever.
    They last well when looked after.
    If I was looking for a new bus or bus engine I'd not worry too much at a well installed Subaru conversion. I think I'd probably worry about breakdowns much less driving one too. That would give me more time to worry about all the other things I worry about.
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  3. Latest sales from the shed..:)
    Bonnets gone for £50..
    Front drive shafts £20 each..
    Rear door £30
    Dash £60
    Carpet,consol £70

    I've still gotta few Bits left..:chewie:
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  4. It's all in the prep, apparently. :D
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  5. how are you getting on with the wiring loom @art b
  6. im working on it...

  7. gearbox sold for £120 ..:)

    to a guy who came down from donny .. 200mile round trip
    in his scooby powered bay ....:D

    he is gonna be doing a diy scooby box install
  8. You should of kept the gearbox @art b, wish I'd kept mine from the donor
  9. PSG


    Does he run the kep plate and flywheel kit? If he is getting rid of those give me his contact number lol.
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  10. His car is his daily and will be doing the work later in the year..
    I think he has rjs stuff ,
    as he knows Richard really well..
  11. I've had a 5 rib rebuilt with stronger bearings,and extended 3rd and 4th gears to suit a 2litre scooby,
    easier than a scooby conversion...and cheaper..
  12. PSG


    How much does that set someone back?
  13. I have a 5 rib had it rebuilt and longer 4th, I think you may still find it revving too high, unless your longer 4th is loooooooong :)
  14. was his name Nick by any chance?
  15. It will be and a scooby engine will cope..
    Not not Nick tune ,
    a guy call Steve who does some trade stands for red9..
    He has white prototype with blue stripes over the front
  16. Steve is one of the guys who works at red 9 i think, young lad or old?
  17. Older than us...:D
    Really nice guy ,
    has had his bus around 20 yrs..
  18. PSG


    would you say that an impreza is more likely to earn money from breaking, over a forester? I would. But the pay off could be that a forester would not have been likely to be ragged like an impreza. Or does it not matter?
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  19. mine did ,
    and a retired old boy owned my impreza,
    no mods even standard exhaust,

    my refurbed gearbox is ready to fit to the engine ..
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