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  1. ......also. when I was looking I ruled out pea green or jaffa which at the time seemed to be 90%. I wanted a magnolia one but ended up with brown one just because it ticked all the other boxes.
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  2. ...also also I love pea green and jaffa buses now.
  3. Wow!

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I'm going to be viewing at a potential purchase late on Saturday morning near Portsmouth if anyone fancies helping me check it out. If you are around let me know. I really need the expertise and I'm sure I can make it worth your while (milk and sugar?).

    @CollyP Thanks I think I'll need all the luck I can get. Especially when I'm out looking and test driving on my own!

    @MorkC68 Thanks for the welcome. I'm looking forward to learning loads I hope

    @lhu1281 I don't really have a fixed budget - it totally depends on the van that I find. I'd prefer something quite tidy but then again if I find something that fits the bill but needs a little more work than I had planned then I'll just take that into account. Plus - I'll go look at anything right now to get a better understanding of the market and whats out there.

    @cunny44 It took you 2 years?! Wow. Were you being picky or was it a dry patch for the sort you wanted? I've been waiting patiently for 2 decades so I can be patient in my search too I guess :)

    @Flakey I have checked out the classifieds yes. There's some interesting stuff on there. My plan is to see all the local potential vans first if they're good, then widen the search.

    @66Paul I couldn't agree more, that round up sounds like the perfect van to me. Now.....just tell me where I can find one for a decent price and I'll be there :)

    @Terrordales Thanks! Which Colony? I'm guessing pretty far if you take on the night shift!

    @lost-en-france Bonne soirée à vous aussi. Ma tante vit en France et aime fourgonnettes VW trop . Habitez- vous là-bas ?

    @Spacecowboyuk Maybe one day - but for now I'd like the family to be involved from the start which means more field time and less garage time

    @scrooge95 Its been interesting to read about your search and final purchase. You must be very happy! We were in the New Forest last week...plenty of VWs out there.

    @philntfc Couldn't agree more. Although I'm actually warming to the character of all the T2 colours

    @bernjb56 Thanks for the welcome!

    @vw newbie Thanks v much.

    @Dicky All very good points. I'm keen on a Westy Berlin but following your post I look up some google images for the SuperViking. That looks incredible. I think I may need to see some of those more closely. What an interior!! Are there many about?

    @Robo Hi. Yes I am on Facebook v occasionally. I'll have a look. Do you have any particular groups in mind?

    @jivedubbin Ahh, great. Thats good news. Can I even fit 3 point belts to a 3/4 width seat?

    @Mrs Moosey Tonbridge? Ahhh I was there just today. Its interesting to hear where everyone on the forum is from. I have links to Sevenoaks, London, Portsmouth and Oxford - so these are the easiest places to go a-hunting for likely purchases.

    @vinnyboy Sounds ideal. Thats exactly the plan - get out as much as possible with the whole family. Its nice to hear that's what you managed to do. I think I'm coming around to all the colours....unlike my wife.

    @davidoft Hi David. I went to school in Portsmouth and know Hayling well. The sailing club, Mill Rythe....all the classy joints :) I'm going to be looking at a camper near Portsmouth late Saturday morning and I really need someone to help me out with some advice on it - fancy coming along? Then if work is required I know where I'll go first ;-)

    Thanks to all and I look forward to meeting you at some point. Now I'm off to ask some silly questions in the other subgroups.

  4. Y
    Yep vikings are good and im a afan but if in wasnt fussed about left hand drive then id be looking at a low rust or rust free import. You get more for your money.
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  5. davidoft

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    Off on holidays shortly , 4am start and not packed yet :eek:
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  6. Loadsa time. Dont go to bed and thats almost 5 hours! Hope you arent camping. Cant beat sleeping on a plane after a night of no sleep. Plus its like a hangover without the pleasure of the drinking prior to it.
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  7. 72-73 RHD westfalia is what you want ........
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  8. Sounds great @lhu1281, you got one to sell?
  9. Thats what i started off with and look what a mess i made of it. Its worth at least half of what it would have been worth. Result lol.
  10. davidoft

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    Not camping, but driving to eurodisney , I Can't even nap on the Chunnel or my car will get filled up with migrants hitching a free ride :eek:
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  11. No but ticks the boxes ....
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  12. PIE


    I know you are after an early or late but you are limited to a late if you want a rear hinge westy,
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  13. @PIE yeah generally v true. Although the last van I saw was an early Westy, modified to have a rear hinge.
  14. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    they don't tend to want to go to france so you can sleep on the way out.
    welccome to the o/p what you want is a nice br0wn champagne edition westy berlin auto....
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  15. That's a good point. What about manual vs auto in general.....any difference in reliability etc?
  16. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Fuel economy slightly worse on auto but nicer to drive in my opinion, none of this faffing to find a gear...
  17. I found ours quickly really, we bid on three on ebay all Cali imports 2 requiring registering in the uk & needing some work, dodgy interiors, battery trays & paint. The third one was good to go a nice 71 Westy 1600. All three sailed passed what I thought was sensible money, not cheap just sensible money bearing in mind work required & work that will be required but was not obvious from the advert ( there IS always more ) and I am a fully trained mechanic - so not easily frightened ! Found ours in online classified, exchanged lots of picture, 500 mile round trip later & Lola is on the drive!

    I think the key is be as flexible as you can, try to buy the most solid rust free bus with a decent engine & gearbox. Long MOT....also helps but it's no guarantee ! These are practical vehicles & if the big lumps are ok the rest can be a sensible DIY proposition. All the layouts have for's & against's, you just have to learn to make it work! You CAN do this instincts & common sense count for a lot.

    Really looking forward to seeing what you find, good luck & remember this should be fun.:cool:
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  18. I have a 77 automatic.Gearbox did need a rebuild at 550 000klm mark.Very enjoyable to drive.
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  19. @66Paul that's a familiar story....and don't worry I am loving the search!

    It is amazing what the sellers on eBay have the gall to do....there's one online there that looks pretty solid but I got an engineer to go and have a look/take some photos for me and it has soooo many more problems than shown. The v small amount I spent getting someone to view it who knew there stuff was absolutely worth it.....the photos I got back were scary and I feel sorry for whoever won the auction. A painful surprise for sure....

    Where possible I want to visit the van myself but in general local specialists are always keen to help out.
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  20. @Miss Rosie thanks for the info. From what I'm hearing here, I will not let the gearbox type make a difference to my choice as to whether to progress with a van. In fact, automatics sound quite fun if a little more expensive.

    That's a good point actually, are there any threads on fuel economy? Anyone got any MPG figures or estimates?

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