I am good at putting my foot in it !

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  1. Today we took the brats to Blackgang Chine ! We were in the hall of mirrors, the Mrs said "look how fat I look ha ha".

    All I said was "thats a normal mirror"

  2. I bet the silence on the drive home was palpable!
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    Once at a car boot sale I asked an ex driver of mine what happened to the fat ugly girl he dated when he worked for me.

    She, appeared as if by magic at his side and he said ‘ we got married’ if ever I could have disappeared up my own bottom, that moment was it.
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  4. And you had to pay to get in as well How much may I ask?:)
  5. No, we get joint passes free :) I think its £74 each for a joint park pass though :eek:
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  6. 2nd only to "does this skirt make my bum look big"?

    Nope, all the cake eat you does that.
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  7. I was with @Suss at volksworld and he said they had those mirrors from the fairground that make you look fat in the toilets, I didn't have the heart to tell him:p
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  8. Show us your lip :D bet that’s fat !
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  9. Correct reply is "Not at all darling! Would you like some more chocolate. '
    Racks up brownie points that.
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  10. Was that a reply to my post about @Suss?
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  11. I remember going there, before it fell into the sea.
  12. Was she still fat ?
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    Oh yes!
  15. Oh Deary me :(

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