How to fit a Westfalia Continental Roof Bed

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  1. I have recently purchased a new roof bed (Westfalia continental) from Faux on here (and the prototype forum) Jon did me a deal as I had the original 73/74 bedthat I believe he used as a pattern for the others he is now producing, he was good enough to drop the bed at Midland prototype for me to collect and I paid by paypal (£215) they are usually more than this, but he did me a deal and I did not have a brand new one, mine was a refurb of an original.

    With the bed came a small packet of screws, and he emailed me with fitting instructions, and 8 fig identified digital pics which I printed out, I was concerned at first as the pictures made it difficult to see where it was up top, but after a phone call to John, he eased my concerns by explaining how easy it was, he also then texted me a list of required tools.
    Here is a list of tools I actually used which does differ slightly from his list, and in my opinion made it easier still.
    1 - Battery drill
    2 - Bosch Ixxo power screwdriver with offset and right angle heads
    3 - Positive drive manual screwdriver medium / large head
    4 - 12" rule
    5 - Battery Dremel
    6 - 2.5mm drill
    7 - automatic center punch / dot punch
    8 - Dual headed right angle / straight scriber

    All in all, very simple job, I managed to do it all on my lonesome with no help at all, and quite self explanatory when you get started, took me just over an hour and that was including the removal of the single bunk already in place, the most difficult part is getting the screws screwed in at the front section, there is limited room and thank heavens for the bosch angled heads is all I can say, as without these I would have struggled a lot more than needed.

    I am very pleased with the purchase and fitment and would recommend this to anyone with a front hinged westy looking for the additional space.
    If anyone wants any help fitting one when you buy it, I am more than happy to help and or give advice

    There are many pics on the EB forum showing this, so I am not going to list too many, one good thing manybe not stated is that it does utilise the existing toggle clamps to hold the bed it the upright position held against the roof when the roof is extended, its then a simple case of removing the toggle clamps and lowering the roof when its time for bed

    Bed held in upright position by toggle clamps
    Fold over metal bar to support the headrest when in position, looks quite flimsy but does the job so all good
    Headrest support bar in "out of action" position
    Front hinges in place (these are the ones its tricky to get to, John mentioned removing the hinges totally, but I managed to do all this without that.
    Ta Da, all done
  2. Is this not a how to instead of a review??

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